Not really summer in the Northwest, but look at the Mid-Atlantic

Reports from National Weather Service Offices in the northwest got my attention today. Eastern Washington (Spokane), Idaho, western Wyoming, and Montana offices have issued snow advisories and heavy snow warnings for higher elevations. A strong low pressure system coupled with a northern jet stream that is bringing colder air from high latitudes have produced a March-like disturbed weather system for that area. Those visiting Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks today are likely to be greeted by snow, while at least a few inches of accumulation is likely at higher elevations in the mountains. This is all the residue of colder air masses persisting at high latitudes this year. You can read more from the various regional weather service offices.




Contrast these conditions with those in the Mid-Atlantic states that are under a heat advisory today. Residents in MD, VA, NC, DE, and NJ will have to put up with air temperatures in the 90s F, dewpoints in the 70s F, and Heat Index values ranging from 100 to 115 degrees F!

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