Making history

I am absolutely astounded at the historical flooding on the Cedar River. According to the information on the flood forecast page from the National Weather Service, the flooding is beyond historical, it is Biblical.

The hydrograph, a chart showing the observed river level and forecast level, the height of the water is 31.06 feet. Major flooding occurs at 16 feet. The previous record flood was 20 feet. Oh my, what a catastrophe.

Cedar River Hydrograph

At the western end of Iowa, the recovery continues from the devastating tornado at the Boy Scout Camp.

In Minnesota, afternoon thunderstorms boiled up in the northwest and west central portions of the state. A cluster of storms produced rotation and the potential for tornadoes. Meanwhile, straight line wind damage was observed from a swatch from about Madison to St. Cloud.

Storm Reports

With the continuation of cool air aloft and some heating for a summer sun, scattered showers and thunderstorms remain in the forecast for the weekend.

Graphical forecast


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