Going Green

There is a silver lining to the cool and overall damp spring and early summer in Minnesota. The fire danger is low. Only three days have reached 80 degrees or warmer in the Twin Cities so far this year. The landscape is plenty green, but we need some heat to accelerate the growth of crops and gardens.

Minnesota fire danger

A summer’s worth of rain fell on portions of Iowa, southeast Minnesota, Wisconsin and Indiana in the past week. See some of the precipitation reports out of Wisconsin that confirm the flood images coming out from near the Dells.

Rainfall in southern Wisconsin over the weekend

The meteorological summer began on June 1 and excessive heat continues for at least one more day in the east, where temperatures have climbed to 100 degrees at Macon Georgia and 96 in New York City.

Meanwhile a warm front will try and push its way into southern Minnesota early Wednesday. This will set the stage for showers and strong thunderstorms into Thursday.

Grahpical forecast for Wednesday


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