Free weather

I see you out at the baseball field and at the beach. That’s you, pulling up your favorite site on a Saturday on your mobile blackberry or I-Phone.

According to the latest numbers, chances are you’re looking for weather information. And there are over 4 million of you looking on a Saturday.

Saturday is the number one day for mobile web usage. And websites with weather information are one of your top choices. The Weather Channel generates the 4th highest number of visits on Saturday. It’s part of a growing trend to seek weather information out with mobile devices on weekend.

Here’s another idea to remember. The mobile device in your car called the radio. We have free weather forecasts and updates all 7 days a week. And if the weather turns severe like the past two weekend, remember that KNOW 91.1FM will bring you warnings and updates if damaging thunderstorms or tornadoes are on the way or occurring.

You can also get local radar on our MPR weather page below. Bookmark it in your weekend portable weather device.

MPR weather page

The best part? Our weather information on radio and the web is free.

Have fun in the sun, as you keep one eye, or I-Phone, on the sky this summer!


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