Be prepared

Recently Paul Huttner wrote about the observation at the ball park of the lack of response when someone shouts “heads up” when a baseball is headed into the stands. There is an observed apathy towards any number of precautionary messages.

Thankfully the story about the Boy Scouts, in concert with local officials, being prepared likely saved lives yesterday when a tornado ripped through the camp. The National Weather Service had cautioned early in the day that conditions were ripe for ferocious wind storms. Give the leaders credit for doing their best when nature let loose the violent winds.

Boy Scout Camp

The heat has abated somewhat out east. In the first ten days of June, Raleigh, NC has posted an average high temperature of 95 degrees. Meanwhile, here in Minnesota we celebrate when the thermometer takes a run at 80. At 3PM local time, Raleigh was only 88 degrees but had a visibility of half mile in smoke.

Flood waters remain near historical levels in the nation’s midsection, reminiscent of 1993. Hopefully a pause in torrential rains will occur in the most devastated areas.


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