52 tornadoes

LSR June 11.jpg

52 tornadoes. That’s the preliminary tornado count in the U.S. Wednesday from SPC. It appears 11 of those touched down in Minnesota Wednesday evening.

SPC storm reports

As you can see from the map above it’s a good thing these storms weakened to just below severe levels as they moved into the southwest metro.

This marks the latest out break of tornadoes and severe weather in a year that features record numbers for the U.S. The preliminary tornado count this year is 1520. The actual number will likely end up closer to 1,000 when SPC sorts out all the duplicate reports. That’s still way above the 10 year average for tornadoes, and close to the annual average of 1,200.

SPC tornado reports

Heavy rains fell again with the storms last night. Doppler estimates of more than 3 inches show up just east of Albert Lea along I-90 and south to just north of Mason City, Iowa.

Twin Cities NWS storm reports with doppler rainfall estimates

I’m keeping busy in the weather lab these days. The good news is after another slight chance of a few isolated T-Storms this afternoon; things will gradually quiet down over the next week.

Let’s hope so!


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