Boaters enjoy a late 9:03pm sunest Sunday on Lake Minnetonka This is a magical time of year in Minnesota. Summer is taking hold with warmer days, warmer lakes, abundant sunshine and long daylight. In fact, sunrise and sunset people are enjoying the extra daylight with the brightest mornings and longest evenings of the year over Read more

There remains a risk of strong thunderstorms over eastern Minnesota this afternoon. A cool front will advance across the state, switching the winds to northwest and bringing in cooler temperatures. The collision of the leading edge of the refreshing air mass with warm and humid air will ignite a line of showers and thunderstorms. Watches Read more

Heavy rains once again doused portions of southeast Iowa and northwest Missouri in the past twenty-four hours. This additional runoff will eventually find its way into the Mississippi River and maintain high flows and water levels. National Hydrologic information The initial crest had yet to reach St. Louis. More rainfall will bump the crest even Read more

The National Weather Service has designated this week as Lightning Awareness Week. Dozens of people are killed each year when struck by a bolt of cloud to ground lightning. Some victims of lightning strikes have lived to tell a tale about this shocking experience. Lightning awareness When I was an observer, early in my career Read more

For more than thirty-five years in this business I have wrestled with the conundrum of predicting summer time showers and thunderstorms. Accurately forecasting a shower or thundershower hinges on monitoring the ever changing atmospheric boundaries and vertical profile. In the warm season, convective storms seem to randomly blossom in the heat of the day and Read more

It’s felt so cool and wet this month that I was a little surprised to see during a routine climate check that we’re running very close to average in the Twin Cities for June. The Twin Cities average June temperature through the 18th is 66.3 degrees. That’s within a degree (-0.7) of average. That means Read more