Pendulum poised to swing?

Well, is the pendulum about to swing? Currently, we find ourselves ten degrees below normal for the first 11 days of December with another surge of chilly air arriving for the start of the weekend! But, if you have any confidence in the longer range outlook from the National Weather Service, we may be on the brink of a transition to milder air over the northern Plains and the Great Lakes.

Eight to fourteen day outlook

With a snow drought in December of 2006 we began the month some eight degrees below normal in the Twin Cities. By month’s end, minus a decent snow cover, the record book documented a departure from the 30 year average of more than ten degrees on the plus side of normal. Quite a turn around as the daylight continued to shorten.

Less than a week from now we may find ourselves playing host to temperatures above the 30 year average. But this time the return of milder air will have to make its way over a layer of snow. Weather watchers have learned that milder air meandering over a coating of icy snow favors the formation of a damp dense fog.

So while the outlook tilts the odds towards above normal temperatures over much of the nation, be cautious about feeling the warmth. A gray misty day with a high of 30 may go down as warmer than normal, but not necessarily be a reason to celebrate.


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