Duluth lake effect

Check out the narrow band of intense lake effect snow streaming into Duluth off of Lake Superior on Doppler radar. They have 13 inches in West Duluth!

Duluth NWS Doppler radar loop.

  • Wow, it’s dumping snow here on Park Point. I came down from the mall area about 2:00 and it was just light snow there. But down by the lake it was three times as much snow. Crossing the Aerial Lift Bridge was like passing through a snowblower’s flume. Shades of March 1, 2007 blizzard!

    I love Lake Superior today.

  • Paul Huttner

    Great report Andrew!

    This is a classic lake effect band. The low level NE flow may persist much of tonight. It will be intersting to see what the totals are by morning!


  • Paul Gustad

    Thanks to Paul Hutter for his comment about the snowfall in Duluth—-It’s Minnesota Public Radio, not Twin Cities Public Radio.

  • James Hall

    There are tremendous local differences throughout the area. I just came down from the mall area where about 8-10 inches had fallen. When I got to Central Hillside there was twice that amount to greet me. Now my car is stuck in the snow! 🙁