This is not your average Alberta Clipper. This one is on steroids.

The average Alberta Clipper produces 1 to 3 inches of dry fluffy snow. This one may lay down 3 to 5 inches, and some isolated spots may see a bit more.

There are a couple of reasons why this one is pumped up.

-Big time temperature contrast: It’s in the 50s in western South Dakota today, and it’s below zero north of the border in southern Ontario. This 50+ degree temperature contrast is fuel for the storm to work with.

-Moisture feed from the Pacific: This storm is getting a little extra help from the storms that have been pounding the Pacific Northwest.

-Long duration: It will snow for more than 12 hours in parts of the state. That’s why some areas may see 6 inches or more.

Rush hour will be a mess in the Twin Cities this afternoon.

Track the latest snow trends below, and enjoy the snow if you can!

Twin Cities NWS storm info.

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