Brighter days ahead

I love December 16th.

That’s the day when our sunset starts getting later. When you’re a weather geek like me, you notice these kinds of things. Yes, I read the sunrise and sunset calendars, sometimes plan my vacation by the moon phases, and I’m a real hoot at cocktail parties.

You might think the earliest sunset and latest sunrise would come on the winter solstice, which occurs this year at 12:08am on Saturday December 22nd. But due to a quirk in the earth’s orbit and axis, sunset starts getting later on December 16th, and sunrise occurs earlier until after the solstice. Total daylight balances out on December 22nd, the shortest daylight of the year. Then the overall daylight begins to increase.

Earth’s orbital quirks explained

December solar data fro the Twin Cities

So if you’re like me you’ll celebrate this Sunday December 16th. I’m up before sunrise most days, but I’m still a sunset kind of guy. Call me a desperate Minnesotan, but I’ll grab on to any glimmer of hope I can this time of the year!


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