A season to appreciate our public servants in weather

For some reason the holiday season always makes me stop to think about blessings that are either overlooked or underappreciated. One group that falls in this category – the National Weather Service Employees who are tasked to monitor and forecast our weather 24/7/365. Having worked with them for 30 years I have gained a great appreciation for how seriously they take their work, and for the most part what a great job they do. As we cope with our anxieties about what challenges the holiday season will bring weatherwise, let’s not forget that we have some highly competent people out there working on our behalf to insure that should anything appear which may obstruct our plans or even threaten our well being, they will let us know about it.

If you wish to send a holiday greeting to our friends at the weather service you can simply email either the Chanhassen Office (w-mpx.webmaster@noaa.gov) or the Duluth Office (w-dlh.webmaster@noaa.gov). It might be a nice gesture and much appreciated.

  • John Cavanaugh

    Dr. Seeley,

    Thanks you and Paul Hunter for this BLOG and thank you for your kind words about the dedicated men and women at the National Weather Service. Over the years I’ve have had the opportunity to get to know many of them and I agree that for them, it’s more then a job, but rather a passion. They do a wonderful job given the unknown and in some cases, unknowable parameters they need to deal with when forecasting.

    John Cavanaugh, Cloquet