Seven-year cold

If it feels a little Nanook out there you’re right. By many measures it hasn’t been this cold in seven years.

December’s average (mean) temperature in the Twin Cities has been 11.8 degrees. That’s 11.0 degrees below average for the month so far.

Click on Twin Cities “CF6” climate data for December

That’s the coldest stretch of temperatures since December of 2000, when the average temp for that month was 7.6 degrees.

Today is day 14 in a row below average here in the metro. It’s also the 14th consecutive day below freezing.

The deep freeze will moderate a bit this week, with highs pushing into the 20s.

We’re getting off lucky, though, in Minnesota this week. A huge multi-state ice storm will cripple much of the Midwest to our south. Ice up to an inch thick will snap power lines and glaze roadways from Kansas to Missouri, Iowa and Illinois all the way east to Pennsylvania.

Iowa ice storm


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