Minneapolis tracks the movement of cars with a network of automatic license plate readers. Phone companies keep records on the locations of cellular customers. Today’s Question: What rules ought to govern the use of information about the movement of private citizens?

The players kicked out of the Olympics by the Badminton World Federation for intentionally playing to lose were doing nothing that other players haven’t done, their defenders say. The doubles teams were trying to line themselves up to play less formidable opponents in later rounds. Today’s Question: Was it wrong for badminton teams to throw Read more

Voices from around the world and within the U.S. government have urged the International Olympic Committee to observe a moment of silence in honor of the Israeli athletes slain at the Munich Olympics in 1972. The IOC says it will honor the 11 Israelis in other ways. Today’s Question: Should the Olympics’ opening ceremony include Read more

The NCAA must decide how or whether to respond to the scandal involving sexual abuse of children by a former assistant coach in Penn State’s football program. An independent investigation found wide-ranging failures reaching to the top levels of the school’s administration. One possible response would be the so-called death penalty, or the temporary shutdown Read more

There was another Supreme Court decision yesterday: The court struck down the Stolen Valor Act, which Congress had passed in 2005. The justices held that people who lie about having received service medals are engaging in protected speech under the First Amendment. Today’s Question: If you’d been asked to weigh freedom of speech against false Read more