The Twin Cities population is expected to grow larger, older and more diverse over the next three decades. A new report from the Metropolitan Council forecasts growth of nearly 900,000 residents and a population that is more than 40 percent people of color. Today’s Question: How will a larger, older and more diverse population affect Read more

The Guthrie Theater’s announced season for 2012-2013 has generated criticism that it leaves out work by women and people of color. Guthrie officials have responded that a single season gives an incomplete picture of the theater’s commitment to diversity. Today’s Question: What role should diversity play when an arts organization makes program choices? Thanks for Read more

Michael Brodkorb is threatening to sue the Minnesota Senate for gender discrimination. He was fired from his job on the Senate staff after having an affair with Sen. Amy Koch. His complaint asserts that female staff members have not been fired after affairs with male legislators. Today’s Question: Do men and women face different standards Read more

Herman Cain’s presidential campaign has been dogged this week by allegations that he sexually harassed two women while head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. The controversy comes 20 years after Senate hearings into sexual harassment charges against Clarence Thomas, then a nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. Today’s Question: How has your Read more