Who do you support on Super Tuesday?

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The stakes are high for Bernie Sanders on Minnesota’s caucus day.

The Vermont senator is eyeing Minnesota as one of his potential opportunities to cut into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s big lead for the Democratic presidential nomination. Sanders needs to perform well in caucus states to pull off a win, and he has made several recent visits to Minnesota.

It’s one of 12 states hosting presidential preference polling on a day dubbed Super Tuesday. It’s a critical point that could see some candidates nailing down their path to the nomination — or heading back to their day jobs.

The Republican contest is wide open as the candidates have mostly focused on bigger states. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is due to rally in the Minneapolis area on Tuesday.

Today’s Question: Which presidential candidate do you support?

  • Karen Tingstad


  • Lh

    Bernie 100 percent

  • Undecided

  • theoacme

    Give a choice between only the Democratic Party candidates and the Republican candidates, I would rather be burned alive – and I believe everyone running in the Democratic and Republican presidential primaries (except maybe for Bernie) happily would personally execute me in the spirit of Bull Connor and Cotton Mather…

    …but there are other parties caucusing tonight, and I am going to my first caucus ever this year, to the Green Party caucuses, to vote for Dr. Jill Stein, who is better qualified to be president of the United States than every Republican AND Democratic presidential candidate that has run (with the exception of Paul Tsongas) since 1984.

    • Jill has unfortunately embraced the unscientific anti-vaccine movement and is opposed to advancing clean nuclear energy 🙁

      • theoacme

        Is nuclear fission clean, considering the waste problem, which has not, by anyone’s definition, been addressed?

        As for vaccination – that is minor, compared to the religio-corporate fascism that all the Republican candidates joyously embrace, which Hillary Clinton also embraces joyfully. Senator Sanders cannot be trusted, either, since he voted in support of Israel while the Israeli government was attempting to commit very overt genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza (Senate Resolution 498, passed 100-0 on 7/17/14) – of course, every presidential candidate also supports Israel, despite its genocidal and rapine conduct in Gaza and the West Bank, which, if it had been anyone else doing it, we would have done a Nuremburg style tribunal, and hanged all the perpetrators, as we did to the Nazis and Japanese war criminals.

        So I stand by my statement that Dr. Stein is far better qualified to be president of the United States than every Republican AND
        Democratic presidential candidate that has run (with the exception of
        Paul Tsongas) since 1984.

  • Bernie!

  • whitedoggie44

    John Kasich or anyone but avowed Marxist Bernie sanders-his supporters need to read up on the total failure of socialism. Bernie never learned to add and subtract and his speeches says a great deal about the politics of envy, it’s all “free” Clinton looks good compared to Comrade Bernie! Is Fidel available as his running mate?

  • Alexis Madsen

    I support Bernie and will caucus for him tonight, but I don’t think that in the end he will be able to beat Hillary. The way our delegate and electoral system works is biased against the popular vote.

    • Sue de Nim

      That’s been true for the Democratic Party ever since the disastrous nomination of George McGovern in 1972, when the nominee was chosen almost entirely by voters. The Dems learned from that debacle that it’s important to prioritize electability over ideological purity, so they instituted the system of superdelegates. If you want to make a statement, caucus for Bernie. If you want to nominate someone who can win, caucus for Hillary.

  • Sue de Nim

    The only moderate running: Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.

    • Ralphy

      I agree. Hillary Clinton is the most well-qualified candidate since Hubert Humphry or Walter Mondale.
      My fear is that the obstructionist wing of our government would rather take the bus off the cliff than have a presidential election matter.
      My hope is with Donald Trump at the top of the GOP ticket, and the growing concern by voters of the impact of non-governance, will combine to provide an opportunity for the Democratic Party to regain control of the Senate and shrink the Republican majority in the house.

  • KTN

    No not really, but Clinton seems my likely candidate.

  • PaulJ

    If I had to take responsibility for everything my candidate did and said, Hillary seems to be the safest bet.

  • John Dilligaf

    Still looking for a small government, fiscal conservative, who champions individual liberty.

    On the left – can’t go with the congenital liar or the socialist.

    On the “right” – Can’t go with the carnival barker in the primary – might be stuck using him as a vote against the congenital liar or the socialist in the general election.

    I’d go Kasich if I thought he had a prayer of winning anything.

    Maybe Cruz.

    I wish Rand Paul was still in it.

  • Justin McKinney

    I will be attending my first caucus tonight, but I am still undecided – I am leaning towards Hillary as the pragmatic choice, as I don’t think that Bernie can overtake her at this point. Honestly, the way Drumpf is running, as long as the Democrats can put up someone who can beat him, I am behind that person.

    • ChicoDesign

      Bernie can’t overtake her with that attitude… 😉

  • jim

    to quote one of the candidates: “what difference does it make”?

  • Rich in Duluth

    I will caucus for Sanders, tonight. I like his positions on issues and his suggested solutions.

    I’m fully aware that he will not get the nomination, but the Democrats have moved too far to the right for me. I want the Sanders supporters to send that message to the party. I think that politics needs a pull to either side of the political spectrum so that true compromise will fall near the center.

    • ChicoDesign

      He could definitely got the nomination!

      • Rich in Duluth

        I hope you’re right, but even if he doesn’t, it’s still important for those of us who identify as progressives to let the party know it’s gone too far to the right. I’m talking about things like no public option in the ACA, continued use of drones to kill people in foreign countries, deregulating the banks in the Clinton administration, voting to give GWB the go ahead to start a war in Iraq, cuts to Social Security, etc.

  • Gary F

    Does the Democratic “Super Delegate” thing make a vote for Bernie worthless?

    • ChicoDesign


  • ChicoDesign

    The only logical choice: Bernie.

    Hillary simply can’t be trusted.

    Drumpf is the “Shrieking White-Hot Sphere of Pure Rage” that The Onion predicted as the 2016 frontrunner back in 2012. We have NO IDEA where this guy really stands on issues. “He’s a failed lifestyle brand”.

    Cruz: Fierce ideolog. Doesn’t believe in climate change. Is an “originalist”. No divide between church and state. Rejects immigration reform. Repeatedly leading republicans to fiscal cliffs.

    Rubio: Is he still worth discussing at this point?

  • Mimi Jennings

    The Bern. We need to see that the way out of the mess we’re in now is gonna look
    and sound different. Please don’t vote for Hillary unless you LOVE her. Otherwise, how can you not like Bernie: a feminist, long-time anti-racism activist (early SNCC member) who’s unbought and tireless? I’ve experienced European-style health care and am ready for it here. Just Google Hillary and Honduras, for a dose of her brand of imperialism. She’s got a lot to answer for. Bernie’s honest. If
    there were anything to accuse him of it’d be out there by now. This
    dude is clean. Unbeatable unless we wimp out.

  • Aileen Swenson

    Bernie is a vote for change and we need it.

  • rnmisrahi

    My vote: anyone but Trump

  • Shawn Osterhus

    Bernie Sanders is my choice. Hillary has done a great deal of service to our country, but I honestly do not trust anything she says. Bernie has a tough road ahead, but he is far more genuine than her. And I wouldn’t vote Republican because Trump has the nomination in the bag.

  • lindblomeagles

    I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. Her resume (First Lady Governor, the National First Lady, State Senator, and Secretary of State) is stronger than never been anything Trump, one time Senator Cruz, one time Senator Rubio, and life time institutional Senator Bernie Sanders. If Hillary were a man, I think she would garner more respect for the resume she has. But, too many voters from all sides, probably give too much credit to Bill Clinton, and too much mistrust to Hillary. She’s not an eloquent speaker. But, she ought to have some kind of idea how to work with Congress and World Leaders much better than Cruz (elected to be an obstructionist), Rubio (no knowledge of foreign affairs), Trump (hasn’t put forth much of anything except getting rid of Hispanics), and Sanders (great on domestic issues, hasn’t really discussed international ones).

  • David P.

    To those who keep repeating comments regarding various candidate’s truthfulness, and to those who question these claims, may I suggest checking all the candidates on Politifact and/or Fact Check. You just might learn something.