What New Year’s resolution should the 2016 presidential candidates make?

Happy 2016, is there one thing that candidates running for the White House could resolve to do (or not to do) that would make the U.S. a better place?

Today’s Question: What New Year’s resolution should the 2016 presidential candidates make?

  • Sue de Nim

    Quit pandering to the extreme wing of your party.

  • Gary F

    Actually address why you endangered our national security by using your own email server and why did your husband get paid to speak to groups that had current business with the US government. That’s a start.

  • PaulJ

    Improve the voter decison support system.

  • John Dilligaf

    Stick to the limitations on federal government power (and the office of the president) as enumerated in the constitution.

  • lindblomeagles

    The next President has to build confidence among America’s majority. A fairly large segment of the US population residing across the Rocky Mountains through the lower Midwest, and into the South are very afraid of America’s old and new minority groups’ learning how and exercising their right to vote. As long as the majority is fearful the America they used to know is fading away, this group will continue to enact policies that hurt what America was supposed to stand for and America’s course towards becoming that. A close second is giving the American people the ability to dream again. We once dreamed of skyscrapers, farms, railroads, and shopping malls. Now, we have a difficult time dreaming of a world that doesn’t run on gas or coal; can’t dream of a world where religion is separate from state; and are afraid to dream of a way to combat terrorism without sending troops to a country where we think the terrorists are, even though the terrorists networks are someplace else. We keep playing nightmares in our heads rather than dreams. Last, but not least, the President has to get its wealthiest citizens into the future by describing, accurately, the deficiencies of our country, deficiencies like safe roads and bridges, production jobs that, in many cases, were transplanted overseas, and a lucid society, one free from drug abuse and the desire to handle differences through gun violence. A President that could tell the American people these things, and get them accomplished, would truly usher in a New Year for at least four years to come.

  • mara solberg

    They should resolve to work on bringing the two parties together by working on important issues that are affecting our nation.

  • Pearly

    Stop using terms like “overwhelming majority of Americans”, and “common sense” when talking about gun restrictions

  • whitedoggie44

    You can’t redistribute income without harming the mechanism that creates income.