Should the NSA phone tracking program be reinstated?

“At Tuesday night’s GOP debate, [Marco] Rubio argued that the metadata program was ‘a valuable tool we no longer have at our disposal’ and warned that a failure to prevent a future attack ‘better not be’ because the NSA couldn’t quickly access this kind of data. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie agreed it ought to be restored. Both ignore reality,” editorializes USA Today.

Today’s Question: Should the NSA phone tracking program be reinstated?

  • Gary F
  • John Dilligaf

    No. It’s a violation of the fourth amendment; it is an unreasonable search without warrant or probable cause.

  • Sue de Nim

    No, not since it’s been exposed. I think that program was actually okay as long as it was secret, because then the government couldn’t use the information against Americans without risking exposure. When it was secret, it was a useful tool, and there was an inherent incentive not to misuse it. If it were reinstated now, that would legitimize it and reduce that disincentive.

    • John Dilligaf

      Probably true, except in cases of parallel construction, where it probably has been used without the knowledge of the prosecuted party.

      One never knows in the secretive world of the NSA.

  • PaulJ

    Yes, the data is not searched unless they get a warrant. Anyway Christie, says it is ok and that means it is ok.