Who is the most formidable GOP presidential candidate?

“The Republican presidential candidates are getting in their last-minute prep before Thursday night’s debates. They will be separated into two events — the bottom seven in polls, as determined by a Fox News analysis, will debate at 5 p.m. And the top ten will take the primetime stage at 9 p.m.,” writes NPR’s Amita Kelly.

But for the first time in this campaign, we’ll see all the candidates debate serious issues, likely answering questions about national security, the economy, foreign policy — even the Planned Parenthood controversy that’s been in the news.

Today’s Question: Who is the most formidable GOP presidential candidate?

  • PaulJ

    Christie – the realpolitik

  • James

    I don’t believe that any of these candidates reach the level of “formidable.” Presumably one of them will beat the others, but it will be an ugly win.

  • Gary F

    Depends on how long the Official Candidate of the Clintons, Donald Trump, can keep putting on his charade. That’s why the media will keep him around for as long as it takes to get their Queen elected.

    • David P.

      I’d think that the DNC would much prefer to run against Huckabee, Santorum, Cruz, Perry, Jindal or Rubio. All are in way over their heads.
      Donald T.Rump understands how to manage the media better than any of the candidates, and though his political positions are well off the mark and not well considered or reality based, his ability to own the spotlight is a serious threat to his opponents.
      Modern campaigns rely on media sound bites and smears. Voters choose more by persona and in-vetted perceptions than by policy or strength of character.

  • Al March

    Well, Trump, obviously. He is capable of inspiring fear through being impressively large. If that’s what we’re going for.

  • David P.

    Most formidable when competing for the nomination: Whichever candidate can generate and sustain the greatest cash flow from their respective overlords.

    Most formidable in the general election: Whichever candidate is the nearest to the center while staying in their overlords’ favor.

  • Pearly

    I like Carly Fiorina.

  • bob hicks

    The only thing formidable about any of these candidates is their obsession with socially and economically harmful ideas. None of them strike as being remotely presidential.

    • Hunter

      You bet Bob Hicks!
      facts: Blacks have higher unemployment since Obama’s progressive agenda took over the office. 1/3 of Americans are now on some form of welfare. Military is cut to lowest levels since 1940, Iraq was took over and ISIL has quadrupled since Obama pulled troops. Yup_ Democrat agenda has been such a boom for all of America. 34,000 criminal illegals have been released on our streets, 478 murders from them, twice as many rapes, yeah, Progressives do a great job..go Hillary with her email lies and stupidity for using unsecured server for her prior national security job and continue that! jeeesh_gag
      Thank god Fiorina is running.