What’s one cultural dynamic you’d like to see change at your workplace?

“Following a weekend New York Times feature that depicted an often harsh and unforgiving workplace culture at tech giant Amazon, CEO Jeff Bezos has responded in a memo to employees,” writes NPR’s Laura Wagner.

Bezos encourages staffers to read the Times piece but states, “The article doesn’t describe the Amazon I know or the caring Amazonians I work with every day.” He later writes that “anyone working in a company that really is like the one described in the NYT would be crazy to stay.”

The Times article, which cited more than 100 current and former employees, describes a wildly successful but ruthless company where workers are encouraged to report each other to supervisors for transgressions such as “inflexibility and openly complaining about minor tasks.”

According to the article, employees are expected to answer emails well into the night and workers crying at their desks is not an uncommon sight. One former worker says Amazon fosters a culture that prioritizes the success of the company above all else.

Today’s Question: What’s one cultural dynamic you’d like to see change at your workplace?

  • PaulJ

    The attempt to make work seem warm and fuzzy; because, I believe, this interferes with the ability of the people at work to be warm and fuzzy.

  • Iris

    The need to be in office 8 hours a day. If the work gets done, why does it matter where it gets done.

  • EllieA

    the notion that all work has to be done at the desk.

  • Mike Hicks

    The gap in executive pay vs. the pay for regular workers

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  • Workinghardforthemoney2016

    20 bucks an hour would be nice. We all know CEO’S are getting the big bucks while their employees are not able to bring food on the table for their own families. Full time work, sick pay, vacation and payed maternity leave as well for all working class Human beings is needed right now.

  • lindblomeagles

    I’d like to see management stand behind the same loyalty principal they force on workers. Let’s think about this for a minute. Employees are encouraged to talk to supervisors if they have a problem. But the same encouragement management gives us, they don’t take themselves. You never see management coming to discuss problems with workers unless they’re talking behind closed doors about your rising or slumping performance. Management is always off having closed door meetings with themselves, but they never really report to or invite staff in on the subject of these closed door meetings. When it comes to firing you, the employee, they have no problems doing it. Yet, employees can never fire management, even when management has mismanaged the company’s funds. What’s really sad, is when you’re interviewing a new job. Management generally sours on interview candidates burying their old boss. Yet, the old boss has no problems telling the new boss just how poorly an ex-employee performed for them. And the new boss generally buys the old boss’s explanation. There’s no trust, no loyalty from them to us, but we’re still expected to trust and be loyal to them. How does that work?

  • John

    When a for-profit company says that its employees are its most important asset.

    • Mark

      I saved a cartoon from a long time ago of two executives walking. One says to the other, “Our employees are our most valuable resource. How much can we sell them for?” I think that sums up the loyalty comment as well.

  • whitedoggie44

    Not sure I really see a difference between Amazon and law firms, accounting firms and investment banks that works their associates long hours with the ultimate goal of weeding out those that can’t manage the work load while performing at a high level. The eventual payoff is wealth either as a partner or through equity awards. It would be interesting to hear from some of the paper millionaires who adapted to Amazon through the years. Was the pressure worth the eventual payoff?

  • Abdi A.

    Having worked in the past for a federal agency, I would like to see the cloak of secrecy, the culture of removing whistle blowers or threatening them to play along be removed. Think what we would know, probably as much as the Chineese know today, of Hillary’s classified and Top secret email messages. We now know Hillary’s personal and illegal server was kept in the bathroom closet, no alarm, no federal criteria met for encryption..so reported the IT company of colorado, a samll 8 employee firm, that ran her server. Recall Hillary said, her emails were bewteen her and Billy and recall Bill previously stated, he has sent one -just one email in his life. Three serious counts of a felony and yet she arrogantly roams free to run as the democrat for President? It is no wonder that even __a socialist __can run as a Democrat.

    • David P.

      I’m glad you stayed on topic and didn’t troll the blog. Thanks!

    • kevins

      Give it a rest Abdi