Do you think teens are wasting too much time online?

“A new report on ‘Teens, Technology and Friendships‘ from the Pew Foundation puts an unusually positive spotlight on the online lives of teenagers as they build friendships and connections in a digital world. Teenagers aged 13 to17 are finding ways to strengthen their relationships with real-world friends as well as making new friends through social media, video gaming, messaging apps and other virtual connectors,” writes New York Times reporter KJ Dell’Antonia

This is not the usual story of teenagers in the online realm. Where are the dire warnings about how the online world is depriving our teenagers of their opportunity to learn the skills needed to interact with people instead of screens while exposing them to all manner of bullying and cruelty, and tempting them to fritter away endless hours playing video games?

“This does challenge some of the traditional zeitgeist we have around youth and media,” said Amanda Lenhart, associate director of research at the Pew Research Center and the lead author of the report. “Adults have tended to see time online for teenagers as this frivolous, time-wasting thing that’s just entertainment. But what we found is that it’s crucial for teenagers in forming and maintaining these really important relationships in their lives.”

Today’s Question: Do you think teens are wasting too much time online?

  • Starquest

    Oooh look, someone took a GOOLPOOST.


    Hey while I am reading MPR NEWS on line right now I know I could be doing something else more note worthy such as taking a walk outside, (HA, HA!) but in reality right now the main concern is not how much time each teenager or adult is spending on line but what each person is doing on line right now. I challenge each and every Human Being to go out side, interact with real human beings or even make a new hobby. Remember the internet is not going any where. The internet is an excellent communication tool that needs to be used in moderation no matter how much a person uses it even if you are a human being who has a job using the internet. Moderation is the key and if that does not work…I challenge parents of teenagers to get involved by encouraging their child to improve their education skills, monitoring on line content, and even helping their child find an after school job. Good luck America! We Humans are all Winners right now even if our face book page, twitter page or instagram, has not been updated in the past twenty four hours.

  • PaulJ

    Yes, because hyperreality seems to be of low quality when contrasted actual reality and lots of nothing gives you diabetes.

  • Victor Rockwell

    Probably, just as I am waiting my time responding to this.

  • Khatti

    Do you think teenagers spend too much time _____(fill in blank)____and therefore are putting the choices of their parents into a light that is very much less than flattering? After all, they didn’t need to have the little horrors!

    Has there ever been a time when we weren’t sure that our teenagers were not driving themselves into shame and ruin?

  • Pearly

    Well. We know they are not wasting their time working.

  • theRosevillian:-)

    no. but I will say that more of them could spend more time focusing on programming/coding and other learning issues.

  • Kurt O

    “traditional zeitgeist”???