What do you think of the charges against the archdiocese?

“Ramsey County Attorney John Choi on Friday criminally charged the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis for its “role in failing to protect children and contribution to the unspeakable harm” done to three sexual abuse victims of former priest Curtis Wehmeyer,” writes MPR News reporters Madeleine Baran and Jon Collins.

The charges place responsibility for the abuse of those children not just on Wehmeyer “but the archdiocese as well,” Choi told reporters as he announced the charges.

The six counts qualify as gross misdemeanors and could lead to fines against the archdiocese. Prosecutors “don’t have sufficient evidence” to charge any church official at this point, he added.

Today Question: What do you think of the charges against the archdiocese?

  • reggie

    It’s about time. Now can we indict some investment bankers, too?

  • PaulJ

    Good, now if we could explain to these ersatz princes that noblesse oblige means you can’t just lawyer up and shut up; that you have justify your actions to your constituents or get off the throne.

  • myDFLer

    It is amazing how many hours of time have been lost in wasted news coverage with this or with Bruce Jenner Kaitlyn crap( a personal thing where the average person could care less about his new “corset look” meanwhile, America pays little time to the thousands of children crucified every month just for being a Christian In Libya and Syria, while America sells weapons to them, When America, the world power, turns a blind eye to the genocide then something is wrong. In the past six years we have seen more divisiveness all driven by the Whitehouse, they pit the average person against themselves with a made up “war on women” meanwhile, radical islamists on their jihad throw gays off of roofs in Syria, children and women raped and sold into slavery every day and ISIS is growing. Do we hear our Progressive liberals protest these things? Nope..our own President uses the idea of political correctness and diversity as the mantra to keep Americans divided. This is how Pharaoh kept his reign_ he ensured the slaves would fight among themsleves for when they stood together he knew he would lose his power to contain. This tactic seems far easier to apply from our leaders today than to act with virtue and actually show the world that America is the last bastion of freedom. Few countries see us today as reliable and powerful. Our President lies to the public and the media encourages this by ignoring the hard questions. Obama was against gay marriage until he was re-elected..he cares more about his power than the good of the country. This is the same man who said last year that ISIS is a JV team and not to be too concerned. Hillary as well does the same_ she pushed for the attack in Libya and then ignored the needed follow-up to prevent ISIS from moving in. Today is no differen t than what the world saw with Chamberlain in early 1940’s where he made deals with Hitler to allow him space if he would say_ he’d leave the rest of Europe alone. Same thing with Obama and Iran with the useless “talks” to contain or actually delay their nuclear weapons status. Or the Obama immigration executive order, now shown to be illegal yet, in the past two years- he allowed releasing 67,300 criminal illegals onto the streets…and that is good for Minnesotans safety?
    Maybe when ISIS supporters living amongst begin bombing malls, then we will wake up? Talking about the Catholic charges is such a minimalist thing in the bigger order of today’s events. Maybe the media doesn’t want us being aware of the real issues that can alter our life just to keep us naive?

    • Yanotha Twangai

      …… says the master of the off-topic rant.

    • kevins

      That’s a long way around just to get to the point in the last sentence. So what do you actually think about the charges?

    • David P.

      Perhaps a little more catsup in your diet…

    • John O.

      Troll, troll, troll so hard.

    • Gordon near Two Harbors

      The “Catholic charges” are a minimalist thing? What kind of pervert are you? Do you think it’s fine that the Catholic hierarchy has allowed the countless pedophiles that they employ to run free, raping and molesting children?

  • bob hicks

    ABOUT FREAKING TIME. Mr. Choi has, I believe, been dragging his feet. Kudos to MPR for helping break the story of the Archdiocese’s criminality!

  • John Dilligaf

    Seems only right that if you know about the problem, and keep facilitating it, that you should bear some of the blame.

    Aside from the legal aspects, the good name of not only the Catholic church, but other faiths as well, have suffered due to this scandal.

  • lindblomeagles

    Although the charges are a blessing, our society, in general, enables a lot of sexual predators. Perhaps someday we will get very serious about sexual violence instead of trying to do something drastic when the violence makes the front page.

  • Joanna Jones

    So no actual person has to face prosecution? Wow. This gives them another chance to point the finger at everyone but themselves. To deny that any specific person covered anything up. To get away with it, just like they always have. I’ve thought since day 1 that any priest who had any knowledge about the abuse of a child and did not immediately pick up the phone to call the police and then open their files to the scrutiny of law enforcement should have been arrested on charges of aiding in the abuse of a child. And then excommunicated. That includes the Archbishop.

  • John O.

    I hope St. Peter meets the folks who are truly involved from the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis one day and points them over to an express elevator. Going down.