What do you think about the resignation of Archbishop John Nienstedt?

“The archbishop of St. Paul and a deputy bishop resigned Monday after prosecutors there charged the archdiocese with having failed to protect children from unspeakable harm from a pedophile priest,” reports MPR News.

The story continues:
“The Vatican said Pope Francis accepted the resignations of Archbishop John Nienstedt and Auxiliary Bishop Lee Anthony Piche. They resigned under the code of canon law that allows bishops to resign before they retire because of illness or some other “grave” reason that makes them unfit for office.”

In a letter posted Monday morning on the archdiocese website, Nienstedt wrote:

“In order to give the Archdiocese a new beginning amidst the many challenges we face, I have submitted my resignation as Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis to our Holy Father, Pope Francis, and I have just received word that he has accepted it. The Catholic Church is not our Church, but Christ’s Church, and we are merely stewards for a time. My leadership has unfortunately drawn attention away from the good works of His Church and those who perform them. Thus, my decision to step down. …

“I leave with a clear conscience knowing that my team and I have put in place solid protocols to ensure the protection of minors and vulnerable adults. I ask for continued prayers for the well-being of this Archdiocese and its future leaders. I also ask for your continued prayers for me.”

The shakeup in Minnesota also brought the departure of the diocese’s auxilary bishop, Lee Piche. In a letter on the website, Piche wrote:

“The people of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis need healing and hope. I was getting in the way of that, and so I had to resign.

“I submitted my resignation willingly, after consultation with others in and outside the Archdiocese.”

Today’s Question: What do you think about the resignation of Archbishop John Nienstedt?

  • davidaronis

    This was a good thing but he needs to be in prison. The priest’s should be allowed to marry. I find it ironic that the priest’s are molesting boys and not girls. The one rule about men laying with men is being broken here. Gay priest’s molesting boys. I say put them to death.

    • John Henry

      For 30+ years, this topic has been part of main stream news and yet you still fail to grasp the difference between gay and pedophile.

      • davidaronis

        I understand the difference alright. But because they choose boys it still makes them gay. I believe ALL sex offenders should be put to death. Why is it you never hear of a Greek Orthodox priest being a pedophile?

        • ChloeAlexa Landry

          Preobably they are married, and don’t need to hide??

        • Gordon near Two Harbors

          Pedophiles are found throughout society, but seem to concentrate within Christianity, all sects.

      • PaulJ

        or (and probably more relevantly) between pedophilia and ephebophilia

  • mike

    A good start, but McDonough should be removed from his post as well.

    • Gary F

      Yes, still wondering why we haven’t seen or heard from him in the media. If we truly had investigative journalism in town, they would be asking lots of questions of Fr McDonough and Fr. Laird.

  • ChloeAlexa Landry

    “I leave with a clear conscience……….”
    This man Has No Conscience period, as shown by his actions, and forgetting depositions. It is time the judicial system puts people such as Niensted in Prison mfor some contemplative time to understand what Harm he is responsible for. Definetly NO SLAPS ON THE WRIST.

  • PaulJ

    The resignations will cause many to avoid using the ‘pompous’ defense.

  • SNAPJudy

    Because brave survivors are speaking up and because Minnesota opened up the three year window of opportunity for victims to file a suit, the cover up of child sex crimes is being exposed.

    By filing a suit, this gives victims the opportunity for their lawyers to enter into the discovery phase, which allows them to subpoena secret archive documents and to subpoena high ranking officials to testify under oath. This helps to expose the child predators, but it also helps to expose those high ranking officials who continue to cover up these sex crimes.

    These two things helped prosecutors to charge the Archdiocese for their crimes of enabling children to be sexually abused.

    This needs to happen is all states, not just Minnesota. Plus the Pope must defrock Bishop Nienstedt and all clerics who cover up sex crimes. Sadly the sex abuse and cover up within the church hierarchy throughout the world is still going on to this day. Cardinals and bishops are being as quiet as possible, they’re still not exposing accused predator clergy, and they are not reporting to law enforcement. Their so called “zero tolerance” policy is not being followed by the bishops who created it. They don’t have to, because there has been no punishment to force the bishops to change their ways of protecting their power and the institution rather than protecting innocent children.

    Judy Jones, SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)

  • Gordon near Two Harbors

    The Catholic hierarchy is so full of pedophiles and other perverts that Nienstedt’s resignation should be just the tip of the iceberg. How about an investigation on par with the Spanish Inquisition? Gotta pump out the septic tank.

  • lindblomeagles

    Resignations after scandals take place generally satisfies an outraged public. But, in this case, the resignations just don’t go far enough. Allowing an employee (s) to assault several youth is devilry enough. But, the Catholic Church scarcely seems invested in stopping this activity despite being in the news, constantly, over the past decade, for LITERALLY the exact same crime. At some point, we,

    • lindblomeagles

      THE PUBLIC, and certainly Catholic members, have to hold THE HEAD man or the Organization itself accountable. Their system of governance IS NOT WORKING

      • lindblomeagles

        How many more children will we risk being violated before we pull the plug on the Church?

  • GoodKnight

    It was quite apparent the Holy See wanted to strike while the iron was hot, since Nienstedt in a letter to the priest of the archdiocese said he had wanted to present his resignation on the first day of the Annual Meeting of the Presbytery. Instead, the Holy See directed him to announce his resignation immediately.
    His statement about stepping aside for the healing of the Church is hollow. Nienstedt lacked the ability to govern . . . even if his actions had not be so ruinous. His pronouncements, i.e. denying LGBTQ youth, were as a tyrant . . . not a pastor. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that his presence here was destructive.
    A person with a pastor’s heart, would have stepped aside earlier, even if the charges against him were patently untrue. The sudden shift from “I am not a quitter”, to one of not wanting to stand in the way of the healing of the Church, is typical Nienstedt bullspeak.
    I do hope, however, that through the Church he gets the help he needs. There is something intrinsically disordered and destructive to the human spirit, about projecting the struggle of one’s own inner-demons upon others as IMO Nienstedt’s vitriolic homophobia. As one observer said to me, “Your archbishop is an angry, aging queen.” Harsh, unsubstantiated, but I suspect, spot-on.