Do you support the USA Freedom Act?

“The Patriot Act will expire tonight,” Senator Rand Paul, the Kentucky Republican who has led the charge against the government’s bulk collection program, said. “But it will only be temporary. They will ultimately get their way.”

An alternative surveillance bill touted as less intrusive appears to be gaining support.

“The USA Freedom Act would put new constraints on how the government could obtain records under the PATRIOT Act and other national security laws. Instead of obtaining massive troves of data in bulk, the NSA could only ask companies for data on a specific entity like a person, account or device. And the government would have to show that the individual is associated with a foreign power or terrorist group,” writes Politico’s Alex Byers.

Some argue that the bill would still allow the government to acquire data on a somewhat large scale — perhaps thousands at a time — but supporters of the bill maintain it would shut down the massive phone records and quash any similar programs.

Today’s Question: Do you support the USA Freedom Act?