Do you pay attention to where your clothing comes from?

“Four years ago internal audits turned up multiple instances of human trafficking, forced labor, and exploitation in Patagonia’s supply chain, according to Cara Chacon, the company’s director of social and environmental responsibility, and Thuy Nguyen, the manager of supply chain social responsibility and special programs.” (The Atlantic)

And that’s from a company that is considered to be aggressive in ensuring their clothing is created in humane and sustainable conditions.

“Labor trafficking is a huge problem globally. There really isn’t any industry that is immune to this problem,” says Agatha Tan, a senior adviser on labor trafficking at the Polaris Project.

Today’s Question: Do you pay attention to where your clothing comes from?

  • PaulJ

    Isn’t that the job of the WTO. How am I supposed to know the conditions at some factory?

  • Pearly

    I buy redwing boots and rent from AmeriPride for work. otherwise really don’t give a rip. I’m still wearing some clothes from 20 years ago when I was in high school.

  • MNDoc

    I only buy American made. That Hillary accepted $ millions from countries like Qutar where thousands die every year from terrible inhumae immigration labor, makes me think that is probably her only accomplishment that benefited the country_well only if you can say that having access to cheap clothes over lives is her accomplishment? What else does she have to show except raising her income by hundreds of millions in pay to play schemes and speeches to foreign countries??? Shameful_ she even makes Sanders look good. Buy American made before the progressive radicals turn us into a 3rd world country.

  • lindblomeagles

    Sweatshops get a lot of focus because the places where these clothing workers are usually are not safe for human habitation. Sweatshops, however, are hardly the only thing that is made for Americans via ridiculously low wages to overseas workers. For decades, one of our nation’s most beloved beverages, coffee, was grown on overseas farms by share-cropper like farmers that were paid extremely little, while Folger’s, Sanka, Starbucks, and numerous other American coffee makers, made billions of dollars charging us far away more money than the coffee was actually worth. The United States also used to be the world’s largest steel mill, but a lot of that production now is made overseas in conditions that probably aren’t as good as they were here. The same was also true of tropical fruits, bananas in particular, which were made in Central and South America, where workers again, were paid very little for tending to oru crops.

  • MalloryPress

    Does NPR, CNN and CBS ever pay attention to how our leaders skirt the laws with foreign governments? For example, those that donated 26 million $ to the Clinton slush fund. Right after Sweden approved 26 million to be donated to The Clinton Foundation, Bill gets a $750,00.00 speech fee in Sweden! Then Sweden’s top companies ( Erickson electronics and Volvo) are assured by the USA State Department under Hillary that they will be given a waiver from the international sanctions for economic dealing with Iran, the top sponsor of terrorism. That Hillary failed to report this is again the fifth cover up she has handled. Do we care more about where our clothes come from or that the Progressive leaders have sold us out? Iran is offered an agreement on paper to curtail their nuke enrichment but not their nuke military research, meanwhile they recently added 20% to cover the agreed 20% reduction_ its a wash and in less than a few years, Iran’s psychotic Islamic radical leaders can hide in a bunker while they launch against Israel and Europeans, hoping Allah will come clean up.
    We get clothes from overseas because liberal progressive ideology to keep the highest tax rate in the world seduces american companies to out source. What’s next? Cuban clothes so Castro has $ to build and ship more supplies and weapons to North Korea and imprison more of his citizens? We can’t even get Iran to release our Americans held hostage, wow_ this sounds just like life under the past nutless President Carter.

    • Gary F

      Just think if a Republican candidate had done this stuff! Then it would be news! To the back of the line, you uppity peasant.

  • Gary F

    I’m a big and tall guy so I don’t have the options that other people may have. My New Balance shoes are made in USA of imported materials.

  • David P.

    Given a choice, I will choose American, union made. With a few exceptions, those are not options.