What do you think of the new account of bin Laden’s death?

Most of what we know about the killing of Osama bin Laden isn’t true writes Seymor Hersh.

“It’s been four years since a group of US Navy Seals assassinated Osama bin Laden in a night raid on a high-walled compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The killing was the high point of Obama’s first term, and a major factor in his re-election. The White House still maintains that the mission was an all-American affair, and that the senior generals of Pakistan’s army and Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) were not told of the raid in advance. This is false, as are many other elements of the Obama administration’s account,” Hersh writes in the London Review of Books.

  • James

    Who knows? Who cares? Hersh is a known fabricator. As are most US Administrations. Hersh is 78 years old and craves one last gasp.

    • Gary F

      I never heard of this guy Hersh, what has he fabricated?

  • Gary F

    You mean the same guy that told us the Benghazi fiasco was about a YouTube video?

  • PaulJ

    That it was an execution staged to look like a use of force during an arrest? This seems like a popular, and sort of group think, theme lately. I’ll reverse judgment lest I be accused of being swayed by the mob.

  • AndyBriebart

    Think the mainstream media will ask that question to Hillary Clinton? I doubt it.

  • C. David Kearsley

    If Mr. Olson were still working a Washington, DC or NATSEC beat, then perhaps I would take this piece seriously. He isn’t, and I don’t. I’m generally inclined to some level of skepticism regarding the stated intentions of the national security apparatus of any state actor, including the American one I served in for over 20 years. That said, not all “journalistic” critics of U.S. military and intelligence activities are created equal, and Seymour Hersh is one of those writers whom I’ve learned to mostly distrust, particularly because he exhibits a penchant for sensationalism and (especially) self-aggrandizement. He even does so in the article in question. It is frankly something of a mystery to me why The New Yorker keeps him around. Perhaps it’s the “buzz” factor. I don’t believe that Mr. Hersh can prove a single one of his major accusations, and much of what he offers as substantiation seems either tenuous, or open to alternative (and more plausible) explanations. A lot of what Seymour Hersh has written represents a firm grasp of the obvious: that special operations and intelligence infrastructures generally feel no “a priory” obligation to transparency.

    My question is: Why, pray tell, does Mr. Olson want to know what MPR listeners “think” of Seymour Hersh’s article? And why, in his asking this question, does he choose to parrot Mr. Hersh’s thesis. This smacks of a wet editorial finger elevated into the social media breeze. Why doesn’t Mr. Olson DO HIS JOB, and write a cogent and rigorous review of Seymour Hersh’s article, based upon conversations with well-informed, trustworthy sources and well-researched facts in the public domain. Oh, that’s right, that would require Mr. Olson to let MPR listeners to know what he thinks.

    I think that’s called writing an op-ed.

    • AndyBriebart

      Wow, I was going to give Mr Olson credit for getting a “Today’s question” out today. Late in the day, but still a Today’s Question.

      There wasn’t enough news happening in the world to have a Today’s Question last Friday.

  • KTN

    Like the moon shot, I believe the one above in the war room was staged. Lets see if this story is in the news cycle in two days (which I highly doubt, but maybe the wingnuts will attempt to keep it alive, you know, to prove again the President is not who he says he is, and Benghazi is a thing).

  • Jim G

    I don’t believe the Hirsh story. There are too many bad actors, and an unattributed source with agendas of their own for me to give any credence to this misinformation.

  • CNNEd

    Let me break it down for those who throw snide remarks and have no basis and for those who would really like to know.
    1. After any major mission, SEALs, Rangers, etc. NEVER_as in do not go on the media shows and give a specific accounting. They don’t blow their own horn and they are bound not_ to release any specifics of any mission tactics. You should have noticed that not one other SEAL Team member went on the media to talk about that mission. Only the shooter felt so compelled? Really?
    Yet, CNN had their little Bin Laden’s camp scaled out on a table as the mouth spokesman gave his accounting of how he was the one to kill BL.
    2. Watching last evening’s interview of the shooter as he gave a mildly amusing annoyed remark on the leaked story, told more than had he stayed quiet. As a behavior profile psychologist, I was aware of his number of in-congruent and inconsistent gestures with indicators that he was mentally “reading a script” of the event.
    3. Pakistan made BL’s location available to the US for the prior year plus but_ to keep their Taliban pressures at bay, they needed a scape goat and a plausible denial to their own people.
    Pakistan to date, has still kept the Pakistani physician in their prison for his aiding the CIA in the ruse to use vaccination checks to confirm BL’s identity. This was a set up to cover for the fallout of selling out BL, once Pakistan got the conditions of $$$$ and special deal service from the USA.
    4. When before has a top terrorist been held ( wounded/dead or alive?) on a Navy ship and then buried at sea? And all without any media, no military foottage under the guise of ” we didn’t want to offend the Muslims by showing BL’s dead” ? Seriously? If your IQ score is below 85, then you might find that situation to be plausible.
    5. Ask any Vet from the Rangers or SEAL units if one member ever goes on the media to speak up about the mission…nope_ zero_ not done. But when the White House needs their story of success to get out, while hiding the deals made with Pakistan and hiding that they knew Pakistan was dirty, double deals, hiding BL- well? This is how the spin is done. The sad part is that they were able to intimidate or pay off a SEAL member to do their story line.

  • lindblomeagles

    First, I never believed Osama bin Laden was solely responsible for 9/11, and I knew long before America did Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. To this day, I’m
    10,000% certain the Bush regime was responsible for the Twin Tower attacks and
    the War on Terror was a cover for Oil and Pharma Companies anxiously waiting in
    the wings to steal derricks and poppy fields from Iraq and Afghanistan. We will probably never know what the Obama Administration knew and did not know about bin Laden. Media footage of bin Laden always looked outdated to begin with, and the American Government, unbeknownst to many Americans,have assassinated several figures since launching attacks against Indian villages almost 400 years ago. By the way, Obama
    still has “advisors” assisting Afghanistan, which ought to tell us all something!

    • davehoug

      Bush regime was responsible for the Twin Tower attacks and
      the War on Terror was a cover for Oil and Pharma Companies = = = SHEESH