How should we approach transportation differently?

The World Economic Forum previously ranked the United States as No. 1 for its infrastructure. However, the country’s current ranking is No. 16 — a notch behind Malaysia.

Listen to a panel discussion: Harvard University business professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter is the author of “MOVE: Putting America’s Infrastructure Back in the Lead.” Other panelists include former Gov. Michael Dukakis and former Gov. Ed Rendell. The event, held at the JFK Presidential Library, was moderated by reporter Jackie Calmes of the New York Times.

Today’s Question: How should we approach transportation differently?

  • Gordon near Two Harbors

    It all starts with zoning. It makes no sense to keep building new infrastructure at the outer fringe of metro areas when we don’t even maintain what we have already built in the core. Government should always focus on efficiency.

    Next, folks have to pay for the infrastructure they use. Increasing the gas tax makes a lot of sense, because EVERYBODY depends on roads and bridges–even if they don’t drive. The retail price of gasoline can vary by over a dollar per gallon in any given year. What’s the big deal about adding ten or twenty cents so we can replace crumbling bridges and roads?

  • MNDoc

    My former boss once said_ ” we have shovel ready projects ” so lets spend a few billion on the stimulus plan.” Yes_ that went well.
    after 6 years of progressive ideology and it has not improved anything in this country. Meanwhile, we got what we voted for_a No experience senator becomes president, the most unattached and hypocritical and NON transparent President in history. He allowed ISIS to multiply and murder hundreds of thousands every month..He broke the laws so many times its hard to keep track. He exchanged 5 Taliban criminals for one deserter and then lied about it, knoing full well some 3 years before! that Sgt.Bergdalh was a deserter..all photo optics to push his narcissism. He signs a deal on his own with communist Cuba and doesn’t demand Castro hand over the the 1970’s Black Liberation Black Panther cop killer in exile..he sucks and America voted twice for him? The New USA average IQ score is now below 100.

    • reggie

      Dude, do you have anything to say on the actual question? Hmmm, I thought not.

    • Gordon near Two Harbors

      The delusional, homophobic, science-hating, Bible-banging conservatives like you have typically been the reason for any supposed decrease in American IQ. It’s no wonder that American status in the eyes of our allies crashed during the Bush Administration. Fortunately, you represent a demographic that is quickly dying out.

    • a_tribe_called_chris

      what’s up, doc??

  • GenerationXLivesDieBabyboomers

    Hey Buddy you can kiss my !$!#%%! As long as the Baby boomers are living in fear and lying to us humans that Big Bad Isis is coming to get us another Amtrack train will fall off the tracks. Hey even more real right now…How about another bridge falling apart do to flooding. Texas can relate to that story…..So right now let us all move forward before the boomers are long gone and dead and the 90’s generation actually creates a Bullet Train to replace crappy Delta Airlines. No wonder we have such a backwards country Our elders are stuck in the 60’s.

  • Gary F

    So where did all that “stimulus” money go?

    • kevins

      So where did it go?

      • Gary F

        Destroying perfectly functioning cars that people of lesser means rely on for transportation. Green energy companies that have gone broke. Just to name a few.

        • David P.

          Nobody forced anyone to unload their beater cars. Would you would rather your tax dollars subsidize purchases of high weight, low MPG SUV’s? Or be squandered subsidizing the coal industry?

          Do you expect every government backed loan or grant to be a winner? One failed business means the program is a failure?

          • Gary F

            Department of Education, Interior, IRS, Social Security Admin, NOAA, and others bought LOTS, LOTS, of hollow point handgun ammunition too. Not lower cost practice ammo, but the good stuff. Stuff you only buy if you plan on using it on someone, not for practice.

          • David P.

            I guess you’ve answered your original question. Or completely veered off topic. Not sure which.

    • Scott

      The federal government borrowed funds that it mainly sent to households and to state and local governments. Only an immaterial amount was used for federal purchases of goods and services. The borrowed funds were mainly used by households and state and local governments to reduce their own borrowing. In effect, the increased net borrowing at the federal level was matched by reduced net borrowing by households and state and local governments.
      So there was little if any net stimulus. The irony is that basic economic theory and practical experience predicted this would happen. If policymakers and elected officials had only paid attention.

    • David P.

      It did not go to PR promotions.
      It bought us a recession instead of a depression. According to the CBO and the Fed Reserve, it created over 3.5 million jobs in direct spending, and as many as a result of these jobs. Have you noticed any road construction in your daily commute? Energy efficiency programs/rebates? Perhaps you got a small business loan? Many of the “shovel ready” jobs are caught in the regulatory approval process or were resisted by right-wing idealogs in the local governments. Only about half of the money has been spent – the plan called for program funds to last through 2019. Compared to Germany or China, the US stimulus spend is but a small percentage per capita. Many economists have argued that we didn’t invest enough. In his watch-dog role, John McCain was able to find only 2% as misspent, mostly on projects he didn’t agree with. There has been almost no fraud found.

  • PaulJ

    Personal rapid transit using leased cars that can run on roads or existing rail lines.