Is enough being done to protect people from train explosions?

“An emergency order requiring trains hauling crude oil and other flammable liquids to slow down as they pass through urban areas and a series of other steps to improve the safety were announced Friday by the Department of Transportation,” reports the AP.

The Obama administration has been under intense pressure from members of Congress as well as state and local officials to ensure the safety of oil trains that traverse the country after leaving the Bakken region of North Dakota.

To get to refineries on the East and West Coasts and the Gulf of Mexico, oil shipments travel through more than 400 counties, including major metropolitan areas such as Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Seattle, Chicago, Newark and dozens of other cities.

There have been a series of fiery oil train explosions in the U.S. and Canada in recent years, including one just across the border in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, that killed 47 people.

Today’s Question: Is enough being done to protect people from train explosions?

  • Ulysses Tennyson

    No. Neither for the environmental damage that occurs with or without derailments, explosions and other high-profile accidents.
    Another question I have about the Bakken, however, is the extent to which Minnesota’s current prosperity is a secondary effect of the Dakota oil boom, for example by helping keep unemployment low here and by generating business for MN businesses and freelancers directly and indirectly supplying the companies and workers exploiting the oil patch.

  • PaulJ

    Apparently, pretending we are beyond the need for toxic substances is not the best way to manage them.

    • Ulysses Tennyson

      2015, warming up to be another record-breaker. And while money talks, the toxic trains keep rolling. The gas pump tallies up its price but it isn’t the true one.

  • Pearly

    how about moving the oil through pipes?

    • John Dilligaf

      So there’s some kind of technology that already exists where you just put a bunch of pipes together in a line and pump oil through them? And it’s safer than a train? And cheaper? And the trains would be freed up to haul grain to market? How is it possible no one has considered this before?

      • Pearly

        Hmm….It just might work

  • Martha

    We should ask the media to see how much Warren Buffet has poured $ into the trains and to advise Obama not to allow the Keystone pipeline. to play rampant in Congress and even worse in Hillary while she was Secretary of State.