Do you support the proposed Comcast-Time Warner merger?

“Comcast Corp. and Time Warner Cable Inc. are slated to sit down for the first time on Wednesday with Justice Department officials to discuss potential remedies in hopes of keeping their $45.2 billion merger on track, according to people familiar with the matter,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

The parties haven’t met face-to-face to hash out possible concessions in the more than 14 months since the deal was announced.

Staffers at both the Justice Department and the Federal Communications Commission remain concerned a combined company would wield too much power in the broadband Internet market and give it unfair competitive leverage against TV channel owners and new market entrants that offer video programming online, said people with knowledge of the review. (WSJ)

Today’s Question: Do you support the proposed Comcast-Time Warner merger?

  • James

    The Justice Department has never seen a monopoly it didn’t like. (See Delta Airlines, all the Too Big to Fail Banks, etc.). So if the DOJ has issues with this merger, there are issues.

  • Ulysses Tennyson

    If it goes through I hope it’s every bit as successful as the Time Warner/AOL merger.

  • John O.

    Wall $treet will prevail.

  • Gary F

    The names says it best “Time” a publication that pretty much is irrelevant in today’s news and “AOL” another dying operation.

    I’m finding more and more people either switching to satellite service or just leaving cable/satellite all together and going to individual services like Netflix/Sports packages.

    • Ulysses Tennyson

      I just switched off the TV. For good. Way too linear. Way too much spin on everything. WAAAY too much huckstering, even from soi-disant “public broadcasting.” Of course that’s not news anymore.

  • PaulJ

    It depends on if they will donate to support the political ambitions of the candidates from my party.

  • Rich in Duluth

    No. Bigger companies means less competition and fewer real customer choices.

  • John Dilligaf

    No. We need more competition in this arena, not less.

  • Inquiring

    Scary. How can one company taking up 70% – 80% of the industry reduce the cost of my monthly expense to stay informed of local, national and international news?

  • Dave M

    It’s kind of a dumb question. The only people who support it are shareholders and executives. They benefit; no one else does.