Who is your favorite female chef in Minnesota?

Jackie Williams, the executive chef at Arnellia’s, shows off a plate featuring her fried chicken wings, greens with smoked turkey and mac n’ cheese, Friday, July 18, 2014. Jennifer Simonson/MPR News

A recent feature by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine hails 15 of the best chefs making meals around the Twin Cities. None of them are women.

Today’s Question: Who is your favorite female chef in Minnesota?

  • Gary F

    Can you hear the crickets?

    Most men need to be careful answering this because their bride is their favorite female chef.

    At least that’s what she thinks.

    • Sue de Nim

      Can you hear yourself? Do you not realize how sexist that comment is?

      • Gary F

        And if you know what’s good for you understand she is always right too.

  • Audrey

    Brenda Langdon from Spoon River! 🙂