Should there be stiffer penalties for distracted driving?

“Mary Berger knows what it’s like when drivers don’t see her. Inattention nearly killed her,” reports MPR News and KARE11’s Tricia Volpe.

An avid motorcycle rider, Berger suffered serious injuries in a 2011 accident when a teenage driver pulled out in front of her at a Carver County intersection. Berger had the right of way but the driver said she didn’t see Berger, according to the police report.

“It’s scary,” the Waconia woman said recently. “It changes your outlook on life.”

With the weather warming, Berger and her husband, Mike, are calling on motorcyclists and drivers who share the road to be careful.

They’re also bringing a message to lawmakers: They’re part of a group backing legislation that would add more penalties to state law for careless driving that kills or hurts people.

Today’s Question: Should there be stiffer penalties for distracted driving?

  • KTN

    Yes. This would remove the temptation to demonize certain activities. Who really cares what the distraction is, the point is that you’re supposed to be focused on driving, and not (choose your favorite).

    • Dave M

      Snot-nosed brat in the back seat? That’s my favourite.

  • Yanotha Twangai

    Maybe there should be stiffer penalties when more harm is caused, regardless of the circumstances.