Should ride-sharing drivers carry more insurance?

“The ride-sharing service Uber is fighting a bill in the Minnesota Legislature that would require the drivers to have additional insurance coverage,” writes MPR News reporter Tom Scheck.

Uber General Manager Mike White said Thursday the legislation is unreasonable and could cost the state jobs.

Officials representing the Insurance industry are pushing for the bill, currently moving through committees in both the state House and Senate. Insurance Federation of Minnesota vice president Mark Kulda said the higher rate for Uber drivers is valid.

“When you’re driving for Uber for money, it’s a lot higher risk. You’re driving in areas where you don’t know where you are, you’re having to look at your phone all of the time to pick up your rides,” Kulda said. “Why should all of the other policy holders subsidize an Uber driver?”

Today’s Question: Should ride-sharing drivers carry more for insurance?