Are cities better off when they have a strong mayor?

“I make $350 a month before taxes for being part-time mayor of Ferguson,” Mayor James Knowles told USA TODAY. “You want to hold me accountable for not knowing that some employees were sending racist e-mails. I have no executive authority. I have no administrative authority. The charter doesn’t allow me to hire, fire or even give direction to city employees.”

Today’s Question: Are cities better off when they have a strong mayor?

  • Bob MacNeal

    Our cities are much better off with strong mayors. Since I moved to the Twin Cities 35 years ago, Minneapolis & St. Paul have thrived under the leadership of a handful of exemplary mayors:
    * George Latimer
    * Chris Coleman
    * R. T. Rybak
    * Don Fraser
    * Sharon Sayles Belton

    Progressive, likable, and creative, our big city mayors are one reason the Twin Cities frequently make the “top places to live” lists.

    • MNDFLer

      Seriously? progressive liberal Mayors have strong cities? Not at all.
      Then why are the largest cities that have been run for decades by Liberal progressives (Chicago, Detroit, etc.) the ones that are bankrupt and have the largest overall unemployment rate with the largest unemployment rate for blacks? Liberal Mayor of NYC…since he’s been in office, shootings have risen 22%. Chicago teen deaths have increased, more killed each year than we have our troops killed in Pakistan.

  • Pearly