Who should replace Jon Stewart?

“Jon Stewart is leaving a big hole at Comedy Central. It won’t be that hard to fill,” writes Peter Weber at The Week.

Today’s Question: Who should replace Jon Stewart?

  • Hannah

    Jessica Williams

  • KTN

    Sarah Palin.
    But seriously, Samantha Bee would be great. She’s got the chops, and the wit to carry that show into the future. Jessica Williams would also be a great choice.

  • Gary F

    Minneapolis’ own(via Fargo) James Likeks. His wit and style are top notch. It would be nice to see someone right of center than left of center.

  • bob hicks

    Anybody other than another white guy.

  • Gary F

    Colion Noir for some needed diversity.

  • Gary F

    S.E. Cupp, Dana Loesch, Mary Katherine Ham, Kennedy.

  • PaulJ

    Greg Proops

  • David R

    Oh please please not Lileks. Thin-skinned and shallow senisibilities can be avoided in print, and while I’d swallow losing the Daily Show to a conservative, to lose it to a cliche’ would be intolerable. He has talent, yes, but not a fit even worthy of the suggestion.

  • JQP

    Conan O’brien or Craig Ferguson
    Chelsea Paretti might be possible, Wand Sykes,

    • Guesty Guesterson

      Had not thought of Ferguson. His monologues were great, his interviews fun and felt free-form (perhaps this because the interviews on every other show have turned into nothing more than a movie/show/album plug for the guest … so unlike Carson or what Letterman and Conan used to be).

  • melissa p.

    Barrack would be great, he lives for palling around with Holly Wood and being seen on Buzzfeed, he thinks of himself ( well he acts like it) more as a comedian than the leader of the free world…but NBC couldn’t count on him to show up..just like today he is off golfing and fund raising right after 24 Christians are beheaded by ISIS. Why does he go golfing after such events, especially after an American journalist was beheaded? What a super leader he has turned out to be but maybe a comedy role would work for him.

  • Pearly

    I really think Joe Biden would do a good job

  • Pearly

    I would also like to nominate Jen Psaki and Marie Harf.. Two very funny and misunderstood women

    • Pearly