What does Dr. King’s legacy mean to you?

“Today, Dr. King’s legacy is being respected — and reinterpreted — by a new generation of activists,” writes USA Today reporter Rick Hampson.

Today’s Question: What does Dr. King’s legacy mean to you?

  • PaulJ

    It means I don’t have to be nearly as humiliated due to the way black people are treated; if it is ok to see Dr. King as a symbol which includes the work of many.

  • Legacy

    Wow, I am a bit surprised only one listener has chosen to comment on this one. I find the photo’s quotation above difficult to understand – maybe a little more context would help me do so. I don’t think it’s a famous one we all know…

    Maybe his legacy is ever changing as we change. I’m not sure what his legacy is frankly. Who claims to follow him or be his legacy? Jesse Jackson? It’s a good question though to ponder on such a day (or days soon after his holiday, with a black president giving his SOTU speech last night).

    It’s been a very ugly time these last decades with the Reagan revolution, anchored firmly in the South with racist overtones embedded in secret code words. Shameful for us who have watched as our fortunes rose, and Blacks were massively passed by. Surely it will change, and the legacy of King too.