If you had a billion dollars to donate, how would you spend it?

“When Cari Tuna and her future husband, Dustin Moskovitz, a Facebook co-founder, decided they would give away most of their multibillion-dollar fortune to charity, they thought of asteroids,” writes Ariana Eunjung Cha for the Washington Post.

Or more specifically, the risk of one slamming to Earth and causing mass destruction.

It was one of many early ideas and it wasn’t that they had any special passion for or expertise in the subject, but it wasn’t a joke either. In trying to figure out how they could make the maximum impact with their money, the couple wanted to cast as wide a net as possible and systematically evaluate every cause on its merits.

No matter how wacky or intractable a problem may seem at first glance.

“We wanted to include anything that could seriously derail humanity’s progress,” Tuna explained in a recent interview. “It’s a pretty scary list.”

Today’s Question: If you had a billion dollars to donate, how would you spend it?

  • theoacme

    I would start a foundation to eliminate religious-inspired misogyny and rapinage around the world, starting here in the United States, one of the world leaders of religious-based misogyny and rapinage since the Puritans started accusing women of being witches and murdering Quakers (e.g., since before it actually became an independent nation).

    I would expect to be brutally murdered by religious persons here, but that’s the risk I would happily take to actually be a Christian, which neither Democrats nor Republicans are.

  • Sue de Nim

    I’d want to spread it around to a lot of different causes. My first criterion would be to prioritize supporting things I’m in favor of over opposing things I’m against. There’s too much anger and fighting in the world already, and I don’t like to encourage it.

  • Jim

    I would not buy any sports team a stadium. Or one line of light rail. Each of which costs about a billion. No I think I would try to spend it on science education and family planning. Lower population helps problems everywhere. If I just wanted to make people mad I could spend it on teaching about global climate change and evolution.