Are city wide bans on medical marijuana production and sales prudent?

The Bloomington City Council is set to vote Monday on a proposed one-year moratorium barring medical marijuana production and sales facilities in the city,” writes MPR News reporter Mark Zdechlik.

The moratorium would give the city time to develop a better understanding of how to regulate such facilities, says Glen Markegard, Bloomington planning manager.

“As we understand it, federal law prohibits the sale of marijuana so credit card companies do not work with dispensaries,” Markegard said. “Therefore the public … has to bring cash. That presents unique security considerations.”

Several Minnesota cities already have moratoriums in place, including Duluth and Richfield.

Today’s Question: Are city wide bans on medical marijuana production and sales prudent?

  • Gary F

    Prudent, yes. Why not let other cities suffer the learning curve of this new legislation.

    Good to see a city government being prudent.

  • kevins

    No. A city would have to act quickly if new technology (such as drones) created new issues. Medical pot is essentially new medical technology, well at least in it’s legal form, and governmental bodies should adapt.

  • KTN

    No, they are ridiculous however. Medical marijuana has been legal for a long time in various other states, yet the pearl clutchers continue to trot out the lame argument “we had better wait to see what might happen”. Wait for what? 15 years of use in California isn’t enough time to determine how to manage distribution. Silly.

  • davehoug

    prudent yes, enforceable no.

  • Gary F

    Cities don’t have to be in the business of medical marijuana if they don’t want to. Let some others try it out first and see what happens. It’s not like Edina or Minneapolis are that far away. Just because they can, doesn’t mean they have to.

    • Mason

      The city of Bloomington won’t be in the business of medical marijuana.

  • Jim G

    prudent: adjective

    1. wise or judicious in practical affairs; sagacious; discreet or circumspect; sober.
    2. careful in providing for the future; provident:
    a prudent decision.
    Yes. Prudent is a good word. It describes what cities should do in order to facilitate the sale of medicinal marijuana.

  • bob hicks

    In light of the inevitable spread of marijuana manufacture distribution and use, cities seeking bans are only putting themselves behind the economic curve. Smarter cities will encourage weed businesses and work to end bank and cr card company reluctance to do transactions with weed-related businesses.

  • PaulJ

    Maybe countywide bans would work, there are too many city borders in the metro; any trouble would just filter over.

  • Nothing prudent about it.

    Bloomington and prudent used in the same sentance is a joke right? Reactionary, misguided, shortsighted, behind the times, those are more fitting discriptions of anything Bloomington’s city council has done lately. And their creditcard/cash theory us so ridiculous I’m at a loss, but I guess rampant paranoia in the bloomington leadership thought process does explain some of their recent decisions.

  • Mason

    This is the same city that banned e-cigarettes, so this ban isn’t suprising either.

  • JQP

    i wish they would do it with more businesses.
    I’ve been watching Auto-Zone’s popping up like weeds.
    apparently the companies are willing to throw those stores away if the competition thing pans out.

    Sort of like Target in Canada… Hey everybody we showed up with JOBS.. er.. maybe not. Hey… keep the large useless buildings as a memento…