Who would you like to see run for U.S. president?

“Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on Tuesday announced plans to “actively explore” a presidential campaign,” reports the Associated Press.

Should he ultimately decide to run, Bush can tap into his family’s vast political network and his campaign would attract strong support from the same donor pool that other establishment-minded Republicans — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie among them — need to fuel their own prospective campaigns.

A Bush candidacy also has the potential to affect the plans of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who came up through Florida politics as a strong Bush supporter and is considering whether to seek re-election to the Senate or run for president in 2016.

Politics1 has compiled a list of dozens of possible contenders, but who do you think would be a strong candidate?

Today’s Question: Who would you like to see run for U.S. President?

  • Pearly

    Rand Paul

    • Hahahahahahahahaha!

      Oh wait, your serious? Let me laugh harder.

      • JQP

        the Harpo Marx of the GOP… says more when he isn’t talking.

  • Sue de Nim

    Hillary Rodham Clinton was my first choice in 2008 and so far is my first choice for 2016.

  • KTN

    I kinda hoped Warren would run.

  • sarah

    Elizabeth Warren!!!

  • PaulJ

    Christie – He’d be someone to tone down the republicans

  • steves

    Rand Paul

  • a_tribe_called_chris

    Rand Paul. First Republican I would vote for… And also the only one too

    • You know he’s insane, right?

  • lifeform666

    Mumia Abdal Jabbar

  • jefflz

    We have already been Bush-whacked twice. Enough is enough!!

  • jefflz

    Bring back Donald Trump. At least he was funny!!

  • Junebug

    The President Obama I thought was going to fight tirelessly for gun sanity, bank regulation, and an end to our permanent wars.

    • Pearly

      President Obama fooled a lot of people.

      • He didn’t realize how dysfunctional Washington really was.

        • Pearly

          Lots of things he still does not realize

  • Rich in Duluth

    I would prefer Elizabeth Warren, who seems to be a true liberal, but will vote for centrist Hillary Clinton.

  • theoacme

    Given the fact that none of the potential or remotely possible presidential candidates seem to give a damn about anyone other than the rich and powerful, I would rather be horribly lynched than vote for any one of these people.

    In fact, I expect every one of the Republicans to go Krystallnacht 3.0 immediately upon their election, and my lynching would take place 120 days after the election.

    And Hillary Rodham Clinton is a RIF (Republican in fact), given her past and present policy actions, so she would gleefully lynch me with that Wicked Witch of the West maniacal cackle.

    So I will vote for Jill Stein, of the Green Party, in 2016, if she runs, and I will write my will before Election Day, just in case (not that any of the Republicans or Democrats would honor it).

  • Rick

    I can’t think of a politician sane enough to vote for. Unfortunately I’ll end up voting for the lesser of two evils instead of the evil of two lessers.

  • Maren Rosas

    Elizabeth Warren or Hillary Clinton

  • MinnEP

    Almost anyone other than a progressive democrat. Big federal government control has been tried and it has NEVER worked anywhere unless you think Cuba and the USSR were successful beyond keeping cars from the 50’s still on the road. Only the Democrats have always been the party to be endorsed by the radical American Communist Party_ enough said.

    • Yanotha Twangai

      The reason people in the early 20th century thought communism was a good idea is that unrestrained capitalism was running amok and producing intolerably bad results for most people. Since the collapse of the USSR, people like you have been making the opposite mistake, thinking that since communism is bad, unrestrained capitalism, must be good. The truth is, both ends of the spectrum are wrong. Government that’s too powerful is bad, but so is government that’s too weak. The opposite of one mistake is usually another mistake. After more than three decades of Reaganomics, capitalism is starting to produce some of the same ills as it was a century ago.

      • kevins

        Well said…thanks.

    • Tom

      “_ enough said.”

      Let me ask rhetorically, does you mean to say in code “I’ve given you the truth of the world, and you should not speak [write] because I’m fed up with any differing opinions that are just plain stupid”?

  • John Dilligaf

    Rand Paul

  • whitedoggie44

    I am tired of both the Bush and Clinton clans. I do hope that voters come to their senses and not nominate another clueless candiate with no prior leadership experience and who does nothing but bash success, attempt to crimialize all american business,, advocate raising taxes in the name of fairness, even if thiose taxes raise little actual revenue, quit defining education success as funding levels rather than actual student learning, and finally understand that when you constantly get a benefit for doing nothing, certain voters soon expect the handout and you destroy the culture of work.

    • JQP

      suppose they intermarried… and created the Blinton or the Clush.

  • propressiveC123

    Bernie Sanders

  • Starsandstripes

    Amy Kloburchar

  • I am a Green Party voter. For local, state, and federal office – vote Green Party.
    ndependent Greens continue to be convinced the strongest Green Party candidate for president would be the former three term Independent mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg. Mike Bloomberg has obvious political talents, the real world business experience, and a proven record of Green initiatives as mayor. Mike Bloomberg could take the Green Party from being one of only four truly national political parties in the U.S.A. to being the nation’s third major party. Mike Bloomberg as the Green Party standard bearer could recruit a full slate of 435 Green Party candidates for U.S. House, 33 Green Party candidates for U.S. Senate, and Green Party candidates for state and local office across the nation. Green Party veteran office holders, candidates, and leaders recognize the enormous progress a Bloomberg candidacy would mean for Green Party growth. The Independent Green Draft Michael Bloomberg web site is here.
    For Greens who want someone to the left of the centrist Mike Bloomberg…there is the U.S. Senator from Vermont.

  • Green Party leaders, like Michael Trudeau, encourage Bernie Sanders to be a Green Party candidate with a petition.
    A Green Party facebook page also urges Independent U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders to be a Green Party candidate.
    Green Party Watch – a respected Green Party blog covered a possible Green Party run by Bernie Sanders last May.
    That Green Party is one of only four truly national parties in the U.S.A. means Greens can offer their presidential candidate ballot access across the country. That is a very big deal.
    Watch Green Party Green TV for reports on Green Party candidates and positive Green Party policy proposals.

  • Published Green Party rules and requirements for presidential candidates are here.
    Key requirements: 100 confirmed Green Party supporters. $5,000 in campaign contributions (can not be self financed donation). Have formally filed all legally required papers. Web site. Commitment to running on Green Party ballot line.
    While Dr. Jill Stein, the 2012 Green Party presidential nominee is the favorite – should she run – Bernie Sanders has many Green Party fans eager to see him running as a Green Party candidate.

    he Green Party Green New Deal eco jobs for the economy is a future focused platform with common sense, fiscally responsible proposals. Solar jobs. Wind jobs. Geothermal jobs. Rail jobs. Efficiency jobs. Weatherization jobs. Bring troops and tax dollars home now. Install an auditable accounting system at the pentagon. As the CIA world factbook notes, the Green Party is one of only four truly national parties in the USA. Green Party prez buzz: The
    Doctor Jill Stein, a medical doctor and retired Harvard medical school professor, was the Green Party 2012 presidential nominee. Dr. Stein is widely respected in the Green Party for her inclusive, positive, Green New Deal campaign. The doctor, wife, and mother pulled new people to the Green Party, recruited Green Party local, state, and federal candidates.

  • David

    Elizabeth Warren and the most extreme right-wing and poorly-boundaried representatives of the Republican party.

  • The Independent Green Party facebook page reports.
    Doctor Jill Stein launches 2016 Green Party Presidential Exploratory committee. Dr. Stein was the Green Party 2012 nominee for President. Dr. Stein is a Harvard medical school grad, and former Harvard medical school professor. This was reported via email and facebook by Green Party’s Starlene Rankin.
    “The Green Party’s Presidential Campaign Support Committee learned tonight that Dr. Jill Stein is launching a Presidential Exploratory Committee to help her decide if she should run for President. If she does, then by next summer she would be running a full scale campaign and fundraising for Federal matching funds.”

    Doctor Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for president, won over 400,000 votes (0.34%) in 2012, making her the most successful female presidential candidate in American history.

    Previous to Stein’s historic success in 2012, the most votes ever received by a female presidential candidate were the nearly 220,000 votes won by Lenora Fulani, New Alliance Party candidate for president in 1988. That year, Fulani won 0.24% of the popular vote, coming in fourth place. By comparison, in 2012 Dr. Jill Stein (G) won over 400,000 votes, won 0.34% of the popular vote, and also came in fourth place. In terms of her overall vote count and share of the popular vote, Dr Jill Stein Green Party made history in 2012!

    (Of course, female vice-presidential candidates, such as Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah Palin, received more votes than Stein did, but Stein is the first woman at the head of a ticket to either win over 400,000 votes or over 0.3% of the popular vote.) Congratulations, Green Party and Dr. Jill Stein (G)!!