How was your 2014?

By the numbers 2014 was a pretty good year.

NPR’s John Ydstie picks up on a story of a Wisconsin couple to illustrate a point about the rebounding 2014 economy.

Amanda Eschenburg and her husband from Waukesha, Wis., are good examples of this trend. The young couple, both in their mid-20s, quit their jobs and found new ones in 2014.

“The fact that my husband and I have both been able to quit our jobs in the same year, and start at new places and be able to have more spending power and savings power, seems to me, like — at least in our situation — it’s gotten better,” Eschenburg says.

Amanda moved from a job at Walgreens to a position with the Department of Children and Family Services. Her husband got a good industrial design and engineering job. And they’ve started to look for a house to buy — home ownership seems more realistic now they’re incomes are higher.

Today’s Question: How was your 2014?

  • Pearly

    midterm elections 🙂

    • kevins

      Which pic is the selfie Pearly? Happy new year!

      • Pearly

        This one. Happy new year to you also. Have a good night

  • Mike senti

    I married my partner Kevin, of 28 years!

  • Jim G

    Unsettled. Last winter’s cold and snowy weather was a tipping point. We’re now early in the process of relocating to the Washington State, Oregon area. My wife is interviewing for multiple positions, and is excited about relocating to the west coast and getting away from Minnesota winters and being closer her family. As a native Minnesotan, I’m not as thrilled with the move, but I increasingly dislike these Minnesota winters. I know it will eventually happen, and I’m working through leaving my home state. Life is an adventure.

    • Rich in Duluth

      Jim, I sure hope this doesn’t mean we will lose access to your wise and thoughtful words on this blog.

      I moved west to Duluth from northern Virginia over forty years ago, also influenced by a certain woman who wanted to be near her family. I, also, was not “thrilled” with the pending move at the time. But, although I missed much time with my folks, the change was good and challenged me to rethink my whole lifestyle. I’ve never regretted our move from the concrete jungle of the D.C. area to the great frozen north. I wish you well in your move and new adventures in the northwest.

      • Jim G

        Like I said, unsettled. Your kind and encouraging words are appreciated. I hope to maintain some connection to home with family still in this area and ties to an ancestral farm with the traditional deer hunting camp with family and friends. One of my them has offered to find a bunk for me during deer season. This Oregon trail story has yet to be written. I just hope I don’t die of diphtheria as so many pioneers did 150 years ago.
        Liberally yours,

  • PaulJ

    Full of news about suffering, just like every other year.

  • Dewey

    I made a resolution that before 2014 ended, I would reach out to my niece from whom I had been estranged for nearly 10 years (circumstance not of our doing). Before the first month of 2014 was over, she reached out to me via email saying that she had made a new years resolution to reach out to me to resume our relationship. Made my heart sing.

  • Annie

    I feel conflicted: Three friends of mine experienced deep and traumatic painful-life events; i grieve for them, and with them for their life-changing losses. I want this year over for them, toute-suite! Separate from them, the year was decent. i learned more about myself, gave 98% in my job and volunteer efforts, and tried to have fun too, knowing how fleeting life is and how securing happiness can be elusive. Now that i’m past the age of 45, I’m acutely aware that i have to find my mission in life and fulfill it. I guess you could say that i’m determined as i slide into 2015. Greetings to you, all.