How was your 2014?

By the numbers 2014 was a pretty good year.

NPR’s John Ydstie picks up on a story of a Wisconsin couple to illustrate a point about the rebounding 2014 economy.

Amanda Eschenburg and her husband from Waukesha, Wis., are good examples of this trend. The young couple, both in their mid-20s, quit their jobs and found new ones in 2014.

“The fact that my husband and I have both been able to quit our jobs in the same year, and start at new places and be able to have more spending power and savings power, seems to me, like — at least in our situation — it’s gotten better,” Eschenburg says.

Amanda moved from a job at Walgreens to a position with the Department of Children and Family Services. Her husband got a good industrial design and engineering job. And they’ve started to look for a house to buy — home ownership seems more realistic now they’re incomes are higher.

Today’s Question: How was your 2014?