Has the flu reached your home this season?

Cases of the flu are now widespread across Minnesota, state Department of Health officials reported Thursday.

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“Preliminary data shows a significant increase in flu activity, with 65 hospitalizations for influenza for the week ending Dec. 6,” writes MPR News health reporter Lorna Benson.

Nineteen schools reported outbreaks of influenza-like illnesses compared to nine school outbreaks the previous week. Long-term care facilities reported four flu outbreaks.

Most of the flu specimens tested in labs were Type A flu viruses. The predominant strain circulating this season is H3N2, which tends to cause more severe flu cases.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that slightly more than half of the H3N2 viruses are mutated and not well-matched to the current vaccine. But health officials urge vaccination anyway because even mismatched vaccines can provide some protection against flu.

Public health officials are urging people to get vaccinated against the flu this week so they have some protection against the virus in time for the holidays.

Today’s Question: Has the flu reached your home this season?

  • JQP

    I get it , putting together a list of folks to avoid. Well done!
    so… um … then… NO. haven’t seen it. Never heard of it.

    • PaulJ

      Good luck will rub off if I shake hands with you (oh, sorry my mistake; that’s the chim chimney flue).

      • Bert

        Chim chim cher-ee, chim chim cher-oo

  • Yes. My daughter got officially diagnosed. She’s been home from school all week and has been on Tamiflu for a few days.

    I can’t tell you home many time we have washed the door knobs, light switches, bathrooms. We have hand sanitizer in every room.
    Her fever was finally gone this morning, but she still is getting another boring day shut in our house.

  • SD

    I wish the CDC would keep/share statistics of how many individuals who are positive for influenza or who have “influenza-type illnesses” have been vaccinated for influenza. Perhaps some of the “influenza-type illnesses” and unexpected deaths are actually adverse reactions to the vaccine. Sadly, if anyone dares question the safety and efficacy of vaccinations they are immediately pressured to shut up and labeled “quacks”, “dangerous”, “selfish”, “misguided”. I believe the name calling stems from a fear that maybe the “quacks” are hitting a nerve of truth and the public has been duped and nobody wants to admit they have been duped. People need to start taking a more active role in educating themselves about their health care and not blindly following the CDC’s recommendations. There are clear FINANCIAL conflicts of interest between pharmaceutical companies, the CDC and the government. Just count the number of pharmaceutical commercials on TV and in print. The promotion of flu vaccines makes it seem like the flu season is a new commercialized holiday and the vaccine is a magical, benign potion that will keep you healthy. It is a BILLION dollar holiday for pharmaceutical companies. They still rake in money even if the vaccine is useless- not protecting from any virus and they don’t have to worry about any lawsuits from vaccine injuries or deaths thanks to the 1986 law. A very simple way to avoid the flu is good hand washing, good nutrition and a good night sleep…but, then again, there’s no profit with that method.

    • Ralphy

      Umm – the CDC does report on this.
      About 90% of flu deaths in children are in non-vaccinated patients.
      About 50% of this population gets vaccinated.
      By not getting vaccinated you are significantly increasing your odds of getting sick, spreading the flu and dying from it.
      Full disclosure – my daughter is a Dr. and has worked for both the CDC and big pharmaceutical companies. She has yet to see any compensation or bonus for herself or any of her peers due to the CDC promoting vaccines for the flu or other illnesses.

  • lbhajdu1 .

    This is un-logic. The CDC stated the reason it will be a bad year is because the flu vaccine is not effective. The virus has shifted, so getting a flu vaccine will not help if it’s not the strain going around just as getting the vaccine for Chicken Pox will not be effective against Ebola. Please consult other articles before deciding. This is in content advertizing from vaccine manufactures looking to sell off there stocks of ineffective vaccine before it expires.