What does your snowy November look like?

Some parts of Minnesota are seeing what will likely be the biggest November snowfall in 11 years.

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Today’s Question: What does your snowy November look like?

  • bob hicks

    Imagine this white space is a picture of five inches of snow, taken near Lake Harriet, as seen and felt by a person who can’t abide winter and can’t wait for their January trip to Phoenix.

    • Dave M

      Minnesota has a lot going for it, just not weather.

  • PaulJ

    Nothing on the ground here yet. But, I hear there’s punishing snow in the Twin Cities (which one is Sodom and which is Gomorrah again?).

  • Noslagic

    Aside from better planing by city snow removal I’m fairly certain I prefer “older” times not long ago when we didn’t read confident predictions of weather events like this storm far in advance. I enjoyed waking up to the surprise of snowy magic floating to earth and feeling a bit of wonder. Reading about it 24 hours before in the Sunday paper, hearing its arrival predicted again on the 11 o’clock news is no great progress for me. I gave up too early this morning on my plans to drive across the morning traffic network with all the advance warning. Sad.

    What does it look like? The heavens are plain white, the earth well covered in wetness, the trees black and green scaffolds. And it’s rapidly melting so warm it is… This should change with those weather reports of single digits on the way. Oh my, I needn’t even go out to know what’s going to happen, the weatherman has already told me…

  • Pearly

    Its winter, and the cat is out of water

    • Pearly

      Pic goes with the above post

  • Jim G

    My deer hunting opener was cut short. My wife wanted me back home before the storm hit. Then I found myself painting the living and dining rooms. However, I’m buying new tires today for the return trip to a now very cold and snowy hunting ground this weekend. Our group did well, but I’m the one with an unfilled tag. Brrrrrr…

  • JQP

    As i chiseled the 1st snowfalls boilerplate ice off my driveway ( for the 3rd year in a row) I couldn’t help but think that this pattern of sloppywet sludge followed by hard freeze temps is a very unpleasant trend.
    Where is the old pattern of falling temps..THEN the light fluffy snow ?

    • John Dilligaf

      That comes later. This first crap is supposed to melt almost immediately, not stick around.