Have your wages stagnated?

“Median earnings for men who work full time, year-round jobs have been stagnant since the early 1970s, after adjusting for inflation. Wages for women rose through the end of the 20th century, but have flat lined since 2001, as has the gap in earnings between men and women.” (Planet Money)

Today’s Question: Have your wages stagnated?

  • David P.

    I am a solidly middle-class, white collar professional with an advanced degree. I have been quite successful in a profitable company. My annual compensation increases are in the 1% – 3% range, with no Cost of Living adjustment. I am not stagnant, I am slowly but steadily losing ground.

  • Sue de Nim

    Yes. And staying employed is a lot more iffy, too.

  • Khatti

    I’m in the steadily losing ground category that David P described.

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  • JQP

    Yes… but the industry I’m in… considers giving raises of 4% to idiotically high during massive boom years. It used to be OK .. .but the last 8 years the rachetting up the employee-paid portion of health care… so every year… I’m moving farther behind.

  • Ashley J. H.

    With each job I’ve moved to in recent years, I’ve lost money. Since 2012 my hourly pay has decreased $6.00.

    **Pizza drivers now make more than I do with my post secondary education career**