Are you buying bigger turkeys for Thanksgiving?

“Thanksgiving turkeys are one of America’s oldest holiday traditions. But with their giant size, stooped frame, and limited mobility, today’s birds bear little resemblance to their early counterparts,” writes Kiera Butler for Mother Jones. “So how did we end up with these modern megabirds? According to Suzanne McMillan, senior director of the farm animal welfare campaign of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, it wasn’t by accident.”

Today’s Question: Are you buying bigger turkeys for Thanksgiving?

  • reggie

    On the night St. Louis awaits the decision of the Michael Brown grand jury (the decision has not been release as I write), once again bringing to the fore questions of race; public safety; justice (or lack thereof); the militarization of police, backsliding on civil rights; the gaps in education, economic opportunity, housing, and a long litanany of other things on which this great nation is divided by race; and so on…. THIS turkey is the best question you can come up with?

    But, since you asked a question: no, we are still buying only one turkey, not multiple birds; yes, it will be bigger than a smaller bird.