Would you marry outside of your political party?

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“In 1960, 5 percent of Republicans and 4 percent of Democrats said that they would feel ‘displeased’ if their son or daughter married outside their political party,” writes Harvard Law School professor and Bloomberg View columnist Cass R. Sunstein.

By 2010, those numbers had reached 49 percent and 33 percent. Republicans have been found to like Democrats less than they like people on welfare or gays and lesbians.

Democrats dislike Republicans more than they dislike big business.

Today’s Question: Would you marry outside of your political party?

  • Robert Moffitt

    Well, after 30 years together, that’s a moot point now.

  • PaulJ

    Good looks and money can overcome many obstacles.

  • J-dawg

    I would find it difficult to maintain a relationship with someone who supports the limiting of others’ rights and freedoms based on their own personal prejudices.

    • JDan

      You must not be a democrat.

      • Guest

        Correct, I do not find value in the two-party system.

  • JDan

    For the right person, a mature person should be able to partner with a different political party. I have good friends that are part of the party that does not think things through. It helps to understand their motives.

  • Jeff

    Sure why not.

  • Jon

    I’d be highly suspicious of anyone who ardently supports either party. That being said, it would be really hard for me to marry a guy who supports the current Republican Party

  • whitedoggie44

    No way. Marriage is hard enough without political arguments as well. Been married to a nice lady for 35 years and quite happy we see eye to eye on most political issues that matter – Economic.

  • Glenn