What should the U.S. do about ISIS?

Photo/White House
“In an address to the nation, President Barack Obama will outline an expanded military and political effort to combat Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq, possibly including airstrikes in Syria, officials said,” reports the Associated Press.

The president will also urge Congress to quickly give him authority to arm moderate Syrian opposition forces fighting President Bashar Assad.

But administration officials said Obama will press forward with other elements of his plan without formal authorization from lawmakers. That could include wide-ranging airstrikes in Iraq and possibly in Syria. Other elements of Obama’s plan, which he was to lay out in a prime-time TV speech Wednesday, included increased support for Iraqi security forces, as well as military and diplomatic commitments from partners in Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere.

Here’s a look at what Minnesota’s Congressional Delegation is thinking about how to approach the ISIS threat.

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Today’s Question: What should the U.S. do about ISIS?