Was it time to replace Gardenhire?

The Minnesota Twins have announced that they will replace Ron Gardenhire as manager.

Since joining the organization in 1987, Gardenhire held multiple coaching positions at the minor league and major league levels and was named the 12th Manager in club history in 2002. Gardenhire led the Twins to a record of 1068-1039 (.507) in 13 seasons and trails only Tom Kelly on the Twins all-time managerial wins list. He was named American League Manager of the Year in 2010 and guided the Twins to six American League Central Division titles, including an ALCS appearance in 2002.

The Twins will immediately begin their search for a new manager, internally and externally. The coaching staff will be determined by the new manager in conjunction with Executive Vice President, General Manager Terry Ryan. (News release from the Twins)

Today’s Question: Was it time to replace Gardenhire?

  • Gary F

    Yes. Clean house. All the coaches and the Triple A coaches must go. We need to to hire more Spanish speaking coaches.

    It was a year too late.

    • John Peschken

      I would agrue several years too late.

  • former Hennepin Cty resident

    Gary F has it exactly right.
    Gardy has many fine qualities, but he had gotten out of touch some time ago. Same for Anderson.

  • PaulJ

    Nope, chopping the head off is for chickens.

  • Kylie

    It’s not Gardy’s fault that most of the great players got traded away. He’s been trying to make due with what was given to him. The loss of Gardy is just one more reason why i won’t follow the Twins anymore, with the exception of Mauer I just don’t know the team

  • Mary

    I agree with Kylie below. Every player who developed into someone valuable enough to be traded, was traded. We had a team of rookies on the field over and over again. If Gardy is fired, Terry Ryan should be fired. As a matter of fact, I think Ryan should have gone some time ago.

  • Skip James

    Gardenhire was a “yea sayer” over the whole time of his managership. He never had a real say in what T. Ryan did, and that was the understanding when he was hired. It’s not Gardy’s fault that the team is a loser, but Ryan’s. Get rid of Ryan, or even sell the darn team to a market where there is a will to win.

  • Mike

    The Twins needed a change. Gardy getting fired was necessary to rebuild. He was a good man. The team needs to make some smart free agent moves. $12,000,000 for Ricky Nolasco? Yikes

  • Alissa

    I desperately hope they don’t bring Rick Anderson back. It’s no secret that the last 4 seasons have come down to pitching. Pitching needs to be overhauled, players and staff, but I hope they’re not planning to throw away any more money on a has-been. The way the last few years have gone, I’m expecting an off-season deal where they trade Mauer, Dozier, Santana, Vargas and Suzuki to get Brett Favre out on the pitching mound with a 20-year $700 million deal.

  • JQP

    it won’t change anything.
    the front office doesn’t know how to run a team.

  • Yanotha Twangai

    It’s only a game. Who cares?

    • bill

      Fire Terry! Ryan Gardenhire could only manage with the players provided by the General Manager. The Nolasco fiasco is a good example.