How do you cope with cramped aircraft cabins?

On three occasions in recent days, commercial flights have been interrupted by disputes over reclining passenger seats.

Media reports have speculated that the traveling public has been pushed to a breaking point by shrinking legroom and other inconveniences associated with air travel. Seats are smaller, rows are packed closer together, overhead bins are full and empty seats are few.

And when the seat in front of you tilts back, what little legroom you have is reduced even further.

Some passengers have begun using a device that prevents the seat in front of them from reclining. Airlines have banned the device, but the conditions that led to its invention persist.

Today’s question: How do you cope with cramped aircraft cabins?

  • James

    Wow. First comment at noon. I guess QOD is DOA.
    Some of my rules for cramped cabins.
    – Avoid Spirit Airlines. If I do fly Spirit, remember the ticket cost about $10.
    – For long flights buy Economy Comfort.
    – Avoid flying. You can do an awful lot by e-mail, phone and Skype.
    – Enter a trance-like state just before arriving at the airport, until just after leaving the airport. Then all the abuses, like absurd fees, absurd food prices, humiliating security procedures, long lines, high volume announcements, CNN Airport News, boarding after every other class of flyer has boarded, being cross sold yet another credit card, and of course no leg room, merges into a general impression that flying isn’t what it once was….but it still beats walking.

  • PaulJ

    Don’t carry much, wear loafers, and limit activities to reading a paperback.

  • Amtrak2014

    I don’t worry at all. My family rides the train. Go Amtak!!! The only time I need to fly is when I go to Europe.

  • Rich in Duluth

    I usually get an aisle seat, keep my seat back up, and read my book.

  • JQP

    dieting, meditation, iPod, and a daub of scented oil on my wrist for when the “human stench” gets just a little to “real”