Do data breaches affect your shopping habits?

“Home Depot confirmed Monday that their payment systems had been hacked in more than 2,000 stores located in the United States and Canada,” reports the Associated Press.

The number of people that may be affected by this data breach is still unknown. Customers who paid with a debit or credit card at the United State’s largest chain of home improvement stores may be at risk.

“We apologize for the frustration and anxiety this causes our customers, and I want to thank them for their patience and support as we work through this issue,” Home Depot Chairman and CEO Frank Blake said.

In December a similar debacle happened at Target. This data breach could have affected nearly 70 million shoppers who used their debit or credit cards.

Other retailers that also have suffered from data breaches include Neiman Marcus, Supervalu, P.F. Chang’s, and GoodWill thrift stores.

Today’s Question: Do data breaches affect your shopping habits?

  • Gary F

    I don’t use my debit card anymore. Credit card only. More protection if you do get hacked.

    • If you cancel out of the “Debit” part of a debit card transaction, it will be processed as a credit card transaction. But yeah, that is precisely why one should just stay away from debit card transactions.

  • James

    I agree with Gary. If my CC gets hacked, VISA or MC pays. If my DC gets hacked, eventually my bank pays, but it is slow and painful.

  • Pearly

    Cash or credit card

  • PaulJ

    Yes, I’m shopping for a better system. I have insecurity, logins, passwords, plastic, account numbers, update mailings, and fees. Where’s the simple e-transaction that does taxes too?

  • Scott44

    Cash the old fashioned dollar bill work for me.

  • really?

    Love the pragmatic responses from those who would usually be calling for more guns, impeachment, etc. I love the smell of hypocrisy in the evening.