Will you take advantage of the early voting option?

“Minnesotans no longer need a good excuse to vote early.

“Starting with next week’s primary, voters don’t have to provide any justification for submitting a ballot before Election Day,” writes MPR News political reporter Tom Scheck.

Supporters of the change passed by the Legislature in 2013 say it will increase access to voting and could increase voter turnout by allowing voters to request an absentee ballot or cast ballots at their county’s election center.

For years, Minnesotans could only vote early if they could provide a legally valid excuse, such as being outside of the district on Election Day.

Dropping that requirement is one of the biggest changes to Minnesota’s election system in years — and the candidates and political parties are trying to capitalize on it.

Today’s Question: Will you take advantage of the early voting option?

  • PaulJ

    I do hate to wait, lest something else comes up at the last minute

    • Jon

      Something could come up at the last minute in the other direction, think of 2008 and how old John McCain is and how Sarah-Palin-like Sarah Palin is…

  • JQP

    Yes .. but only because I will be out of town on election day.

    What I would really prefer is Mail In balloting… Like Oregon does…
    Online balloting… I mean I can do my taxes on line… why not vote too. ??

    • Yanotha Twangai

      A good reason not to rely on mail in balloting is that it makes possible the selling of votes. When you vote in a voting booth, you can’t prove how you voted, which makes it impossible to sell your vote, because a vote-buyer can’t be sure how you really voted.

  • Early voter

    I have in the past, because I hate the mindless end game of the campaign. By voting early I can turn off the noise and saturation coverage more successfully. I think it’s extremely unlikely I would learn anything consequential in the final week, yet, it is a nice formality to vote the day my fellow Americans vote; sort of a national convocation.

  • KTN

    Nope, I’ll take my chances at the polls.