Should the minimum wage law be repealed?

GOP candidates for governor
“The four Republicans running for governor in next week’s primary do not like Minnesota’s new minimum wage law. One of them is proposing to freeze the hourly rate at the current $8,” reports Tim Pugmire for MPR News.

Businessman and first-time candidate Scott Honour called for an end to automatic minimum wage increases Monday as part of his broader plan for boosting the state economy.

The $8 hourly minimum wage, up from $6.15, kicked in on Friday. It was the first increase since 2005 and the first of a series of hikes DFL Gov. Mark Dayton signed into law last spring.

The minimum wage is set to rise to $9 next year and to $9.50 the year after. The increases will likely resume in 2018 when automatic annual inflation adjustments take hold.

Economists have an ongoing debate about whether hiking the minimum wage leads to job loss, and if so, by how much.

Today’s Question: Should the minimum wage law be repealed?